American Idol Final 7 – Live Analysis

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American Idol – Final (Elite) 8 Live Analysis

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It’s gameday again. Being as sports-minded as I am, I always look forward to the actual game. Practice is the necessary evil that helps you get to the real deal….GAMETIME. I was curious about the theme for tonight and found out at another site that the eight fighters left try their hand at inspirational stuff. They also offered a few song suggestions.

David Archuleta – Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna
Kristy Lee Cook – Don’t Speak by No Doubt
Michael Johns – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport by Rolf Harris
Brooke White – Crybaby by Mariah Carey
David Cook – My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
Jason Castro – I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie
Carly Smithson – I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra
Syesha Mercado – Don’t Forget About Us by Mariah Carey

Gotta give ’em credit…those are pretty stinkin’ funny. I’m hoping I don’t like the suggestions better than what actually happens. I have a suspicion that our contestants will either soar or flop…I don’t think there will be any in-between ground. Come back at game-time and we’ll get out the telestrator and explain what you’re seeing. Who needs John Madden anyway?

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American Idol – Final Eight Power Rankings

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BREAKING NEWS! Malubay Ken is happy that Malubay Barbie is now coming home. According to Ken, “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone!” So while Malubay Barbie’s fans may disappointed with her exit, Ken is ready to start breaking out new Malubay furniture to welcome her back.

Last week brought some surprising developments in the competition…

  • The performances with Dolly Parton’s material were outstanding
  • Brooke White suffered a blow to her power ranking.
  • KLC has more lives than a roomful of cats

Here are my power rankings for this week…changes are in order.

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American Idol – Final Nine Elimination

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I’m on a slight tape delay tonight since I just wrapped up an evening of band rehearsal myself. But, with commercials being what they are, I’ll be caught up to real-time in a snap. I always have mixed emotions about the elimination nights. First you have to endure some of the hokiest, cheeziest group medleys ever created. I often wonder if the gang would rather skip this portion. Second, you have the whole wait to see who got the short straw. There’s always the hope that the worst will go home, but there’s always the realizaton that people like Chris Daughtry got sent packing before their time. It’s a bit of a crap-shoot but I guess that’s why we watch.

Worst Performances Last Night – This is a bit misleading because I didn’t really think anyone stunk the joint up last night. But, there will be three at the bottom….so who do I think will be there?

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American Idol – Final 9 (Almost) Live Analysis (Round 4)


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Dear readers, I will be late with this post this evening. I have a very important meeting that must take precedence. But fear not! I will offer my witty and insightful analysis after viewing the recorded version…. so make sure you check back here later…..and later……and later…..and later…..and, well, you get the idea. 🙂

OK Gang….I’m back. I’ve just finished a long, but invigorating and productive meeting. Everyone should have one of those every so often. Thanks for being patient and dropping back in for another helping of instant (but late) analysis. That’s the beauty of recording devices….heck, I can even program my own VCR…How’s that for technical genius? Anyway, Dolly Parton is our song mistress for the evening…sort of the good version of Elvira. I’m sure she’s fun to be around but I still have serious doubts about how much fun it will be listening to the gang do their thing with her stuff.

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American Idol – Final Nine Rankings (Pre-Round 4)


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Some were surprised and deeply saddened at the early departure of Cheezit. But in the immortal words of wives and mothers everywhere, “I TOLD YOU SO!” I personally enjoyed the new brand of Cheezits that debuted in Round 1. They were spicy and surprisingly pleasing. Apparently I wasn’t alone in that opinion as Cheezit was invited back for more in Round 2. But he went to a mixed box in Round 2 and ultimately broke out the old, tired, stale box in Round 3…..and stale Cheezits are only really appreciated by rodents who didn’t appear in Ratatouille, and they lack the requisite dialing abilities to keep their favorite snack in play. As a result, we are less one tasty snack to enjoy in Round 4.

Tonight, we will see the remaining candidates attempt a truly surprising selection of songs……the Dolly Parton song book. WOW! Is this still American Idol? This will be an interesting hill for the competitors to climb and I have my doubts that many of them will reach the summit. Maybe this is all part of a conspiracy to keep KLC hanging around. I just can’t see Carly Smithson doing Dolly Parton…..Ireland meets East Tennessee…..there’s a combo huh? For whatever reason they went in this bizarre direction, we’ll still have our share of surprises, good and bad.

Here are my power rankings for this week….and I’ve decided to be bold and mix up the guys and gals as I now see them.

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American Idol Top Ten Elimination

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Elimination Time – Round three is in the books and all that’s left is to determine who will have the longest wait before the summer tour. I’m not sure which is worse, getting the axe at #11 and not making the tour, or getting the axe at #10 and having to wait forever. At least if you’re #11 (our dearly departed rock n roll nurse) you can just get on with whatever. Moving on…… the worst performances by my calculations last night were – in no particular order:
  • Malubay Barbie – She’s still not hitting on all cylinders and last night was another case of having a missing spark plug in the engine. But she’s got a great pit crew that will keep her in the running, so I don’t think she has any worries.
  • JC– There’s no way around the fact that JC has a lot of appeal. He’s got a natural sort of style. But that can’t carry you forever…and I think he may be about to get his first dose of reality tonight.
  • Cheezit– I’ve never understood when people/teams are winning, why they pull back. I’ve seen that strategy fail time and time again. Cheezit had everybody wanting more just two short weeks ago. Then last week, he straddled the fence. Finally last night, he fell back into his old style. I don’t fault the delivery that much. I still think he has more chops than JC. But he will most likely wind up in the bottom.
  • KLC and Smithson – If this is an effort to predict who will wind up in the bottom three, then this slot is equally shared between the two of them. I don’t think that Malubay Barbie will wind up in the bottom, and JC may have one more week to skip his day of reckoning. If so, Cheezit still has to have some company at the bottom, and it could be either or both.

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