Dave Milam – To Those Who Stole Our Stuff

I just finished speaking to Dave Milam, planting pastor of Kinetic Church in Charlotte, NC. I first came across Kinetic Church’s website a couple of years ago as I was investigating various church websites. It was really intriguing and different and caught my attention. Over the last couple of years, I drop by the site occasionally to see what they’re up to now.

I began blogging in January and recently entered a blogging tournament (which you can click here to vote for me) of which Dave is a participant. I decided to check out the “competition” and dropped by his blog. I then realized that he is the pastor of Kinetic Church, which was pretty cool and ironic. While on his blog, I came across their story of how their church trailer with the church equipment was stolen. Pretty sad and pathetic stuff when people stoop to steal from a church. But what was amazing was their response to this horrible deed. I was so moved by it that I shared the video clip with our own church last Sunday. They in turn were moved by it as well.

I think it’s important that when someone does something that inspires, encourages, or challenges us (or all three in this case), then we need to let them know. We need to speak that to them so that the Spirit works through us to encourage them further. And so I called Dave this morning to do just that.

Sadly, Dave has received far more negative reaction, from hateful emails to calls in the middle of the night. I am deeply saddened to hear of this. Why do certain people within the body of Christ find it their responsibility to correct everyone else, to disrupt and discourage, to bring about turmoil and criticism? That is NOT what Jesus Christ calls us too. That is why it’s so important for us to encourage whenever we can, because you can rest assured that those who do the criticizing will not hesitate to throw their venom.

Dave, for me, and on behalf of The Grove, press on brother! We’re praying for you!


Blogging Tournament – Round 2

It’s that time again. Last week’s opening round pitted 16 church-planting bloggers against each other blogging about whether the presidential election still matters. Thanks to YOU, I’ve made it to Round 2. This week, the remaining 8 are blogging about the best ideas for marketing and/or outreach for $500 or less. I have decided to run with an idea submitted by Tim M. Make sure you take 2 minutes to drop by to vote. (Here’s the voting link). And here’s the entry below:

Got Excuses?

Five Hundred dollars. It seems like such a large amount to us as individuals, but almost meaningless if you’re limited to it for an outreach/marketing idea. I’m not sure, but I think that’s the combined price of a gallon of gas and a cup of coffee at Starbucks. So how far can $500 take you? About 30 miles or 30 minutes, depending on your personal limits. Which doesn’t give us much wiggle room here.

However, I think I heard Craig Groeschel say that:

“Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation.”

Which means that $500 isn’t the limiting factor, it’s our vision, our creativity. For $500 we have to stretch ourselves and get out of the box of easy and be willing to be “a little different”. But aren’t we anyway?

The suggestion from The Grove (via my blog) is titled “Got Excuses?”

  1. Setup a website or use existing church website.
  2. Have a section where people can post entries or provide an email address where people can send excuses/questions on why they don’t attend church.
  3. Have your car detailed with the website/church/email address with some basic information directing them to said site. Nothing like mobile advertisement. (Will you look a little strange? Yes…but see previous paragraph)
  4. Respond to people’s excuses/questions in video format, utilizing YouTube, in 5 minutes or less.

Will it fill the church? Probably not. Will it create awareness and buzz? Most definitely. Will someone become a guest as a result? Absolutely.

  • Website cost – $195
  • Car Graphics – $300
  • Gas – $1000 (but we’re not really counting that, disregard)
  • Starbucks (While cruising) – $500 (hmmm, let’s not count that either)

Someone walking into your church because you’re willing to be different and meeting Jesus as a result – Priceless!!

March Madness Wrap-UP

Well, it looked good for me all the way to the Final Four. I was cooking with gas. But then UNC and UCLA ran into two buzzsaws that apparently don’t like alphabetical schools and beat them mercilessly. The whuppin’ that Kansas put on UNC in the first half is still hard to even fathom. That was what #1 seeds do to the University of Height-Challenged Teenagers of Central Nowhere. That is NOT what #1 seeds to to each other. It was amazing. What was also amazing was the choke job that Memphis suffered through in the last two minutes of the championship. That will stick with them for a long time. But you have to give credit to Kansas for hanging in and nailing the shot at the wire to keep playing. So, congrats to Kansas for a great year.

Congratulations are also in order for my oldest son, Zach who finished in first here at the Coach’s Corner. He correctly had Kansas taking it all, and they took him all the way to the winners circle in our bracket. Here’s how we finished:

  1. Zach – My oldest
  2. Jon Hartman – He also had Kansas winning, but came up a bit short
  3. ME – You already know
  4. Brandon – My youngest (That’s right…the Doeblers landed 3 of the top 4 spots)
  5. Josh Jacob – Where did he come from

There’s your top five and the rest are still licking their wounds. Thanks for playing. After UNC and UCLA going down, I fell to a pathetic 65th in the church planters bracket. I guess there are a lot of church planters that know way more about b-ball than I do.

American Idol – Final (Elite) 8 Live Analysis

ATTENTION – This blog has a new home address. All the material below is on the new site plus updated material as well. Come on over for a visit. Click here!

It’s gameday again. Being as sports-minded as I am, I always look forward to the actual game. Practice is the necessary evil that helps you get to the real deal….GAMETIME. I was curious about the theme for tonight and found out at another site that the eight fighters left try their hand at inspirational stuff. They also offered a few song suggestions.

David Archuleta – Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna
Kristy Lee Cook – Don’t Speak by No Doubt
Michael Johns – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport by Rolf Harris
Brooke White – Crybaby by Mariah Carey
David Cook – My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
Jason Castro – I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie
Carly Smithson – I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra
Syesha Mercado – Don’t Forget About Us by Mariah Carey

Gotta give ’em credit…those are pretty stinkin’ funny. I’m hoping I don’t like the suggestions better than what actually happens. I have a suspicion that our contestants will either soar or flop…I don’t think there will be any in-between ground. Come back at game-time and we’ll get out the telestrator and explain what you’re seeing. Who needs John Madden anyway?

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$500 Ideas

OK…this should be fun.  Thanks to some of you faithful readers, I made it into the next round of the blogging tournament This week, the subject for the contest goes in a very different direction that I want to invite you to participate in.  Here’s the challenge:

Blog about the best marketing and/or outreach idea for $500 or less. 

So here’s where you come in.  Give me your ideas.  It could be a lot of fun to see what people come up with and I may take your idea and enter it in the contest.  Here’s one that came from Tim M today that cracked me up. 

Reserved Gladiator Seating
  1. Put reserved seating signs on all the back row seats and tables for a month or two.
  2. Rent one of these http://www.thefunones.com/gladiator_joust_rental.html
  3. Put signs up and let everyone know that you can only sit in the back row seats
    1. if you are a visitor
    2. if you battle the Pastor in Gladiator Joust and win.

Bring it on Baby!!!!!  It’s a battle royale for best seats in the house.  So what you got?  Post  ’em here before the end of the day Tuesday. 

American Idol – Final Eight Power Rankings

ATTENTION – This blog has a new home address.  All the material below is on the new site plus updated material as well.  Come on over for a visit.  Click here!

BREAKING NEWS! Malubay Ken is happy that Malubay Barbie is now coming home. According to Ken, “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone!” So while Malubay Barbie’s fans may disappointed with her exit, Ken is ready to start breaking out new Malubay furniture to welcome her back.

Last week brought some surprising developments in the competition…

  • The performances with Dolly Parton’s material were outstanding
  • Brooke White suffered a blow to her power ranking.
  • KLC has more lives than a roomful of cats

Here are my power rankings for this week…changes are in order.

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Sunday Night Lights

What a day!  Sundays provide both the highest satisfaction for me each week as well as the most stress.  Sunday is “game day” for me…it’s when everything I’ve worked for and planned for during the week reaches its fruition.  It’s also the time when EVERYTHING matters.  But week after week, it provides deep satisfaction.  Here are today’s highlights.

  • We finished the LOST & FOUND segment of our series this morning.  It’s been a remarkable journey we’ve been on accompanied by the inhabitants of LOST.  Here’s the main points for the last 5 weeks.
    • The Wreckage – There was a crash and it changed everything.  Everyone was eqully lost.
    • The Realities – The wreck changed everything for the survivors of LOST.  We looked at paralells between thier situation and ours
    • The Rescue – Just when rescue was offered, the voice of the enemy suggested that it would be a tragic mistake.  When Jesus offers his rescue to us, we all have to wrestle with that same voice that urges us to rethink before accepting Jesus’ rescue.
    • The Return – As Jack said at the end of season three – “We have to go back”.   Rescue typically implies going from a bad situation to something better.  But many of us struggle with pain and suffering and doubt and fear.  If the rescue of Jesus offered something better, then why doesn’t he just take us on to heaven?  Because we have to “Go Back!”
    • The Requirement – Today we looked at the fact that going back is not an option….it is a requirement.  We are all called to participate on this mission that Jesus Christ gave the church.  And it is NOT a mission to satisfy the converted, it is a mission to reach the lost.  It’s messy, it’s hard, but it’s non-negotiable. 
  • We concluded the service with one of the most powerful pieces of video I have ever seen a church do.  You MUST go to Dave Milam’s site (planting pastor of Kinetic Church in Charlotte, NC) and watch this video.  They had their trailer stolen with everything that belonged to the church in it.  This is their response. 
  • I had several people share stories with me about how this series has helped them engage in some very needed spiritual conversation with important people in their lives.  This is fuel for my soul.  It fires me up when people are taking the spiritual meal from Sunday and turning it into spiritual conversations through the week. 

It was a powerful and beautiful day.  God is awesome.  I’m tired, but grateful.  I will sleep well.