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As mentioned in the “About Me” page, I enjoy travel and discovering new experiences.  While we can’t always jump in the car or hop a flight to that great new location, we can enjoy traveling and discovering exciting new ideas and be challenged by the experience of others through the Internet.  Please let this page be a map for you to explore and discover some new treasures. 

BTW – Check back frequently as I will update periodically the links that I find interesting. Happy Hunting!

(Oh…and feel free to post to this page discoveries that you would like to share!)

Churches I Admire

  1. Saddleback Church (CA) – Rick Warren
  2. Fellowship Church(Tx) – Ed Young, Jr.
  3. Grace Community Church (CA) – John MacArthur
  4. Harvest Christian Fellowship (CA) – Greg Laurie
  5. Life Church(OK) – Craig Groeschel
  6. Mars Hill Church(WA) – Mark Driscoll
  7. Mars Hill (MI) – Rob Bell
  8. Mosaic Church(CA) – Erwin McManus
  9. NorthRidge Church (MI) – Brad Powell
  10. Northpoint Community Church (GA) – Andy Stanley
  11. Brookly Tabernacle(NY) – Jim Cymbala
  12. Willow Creek(IL) – Bill Hybels

Men’s Ministry / Men’s Issues

Entertainment Websites of Interest

  1. Hollywood Jesus – Takes movies, TV, music and makes spiritual applications and insights
  2. Movie Guide – A site dedicated to reviewing movies based on family friendliness
  3. Plugged In – A Focus on the Family website reviewing all entertainment media

2 Responses

  1. Mark, you made a comment on my Steelers site about my AI outlook…After checking out you blog and church site for a while I wanted to share a few links with you that are ministries of the church that I am involved with in Columbus, OH that I thought would definitely interest you.

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