Under Construction

This page is devoted to watching the progress that we are making in our building.  In December of 2006, we closed on the building we now call our home.  It was formerly one of the hottest rock and roll nightclubs in the midwest, known as Second Chance.  In it’s original condition, it was truly a remarkable facility.  Large, exposed wooden beams and support columns are everywhere throughout the building.  But years of “hard partying” took it’s toll on the building.  And years of non-use took it further from it’s once proud look. 

While we have a long way to go, we are beginning to make real progress toward restoring this building to its’ inherent greatness.  Drop by this page to see pictures of our progress. 


Mrs Ann  I love watching people work Todd loves stairs

Sitting on the job round and round in circles finishing touches

Where's the Love? Amberlina ready to cover her favorite color no more green bar

Who's in Charge? The Usual Suspects Fixin'

 a larger view Todd's Cheesy Grin Jeff on High


nursery near completion did someone ask for a window seat? Children's Room Progress 

This way  signs of a man-church 


One Response

  1. WoW Mark! loved the photos of the progress your church is going through! Can’t wait to see more.

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