March Madness – Final Four

March Madness The Final Four is here and the final standings in all brackets are up for grabs. 

Here at the Coach’s Corner, my offspring and I still have positions 1,2,3.  But that will all shift depending on the winners in these next three games. 

In my Blogging Church Planter’s Bracket, I’m stuck in the 30s, but can still rise to finish just outside the Top 10 if my teams win tonight.   Here’s how I see it—-

UCLA vs Memphis – Memphis utterly destroyed everyone it has played in this tournament and gave Texas (the team I had picked to finish in the Final Four) a Texas-sized beat down.  I could see it coming too.  Memphis is making a believer out of me, unfortunately it’s a year late (I had them picked for the Final Four LAST year).  But….UCLA brings three consecutive years of experience on this stage.  I think Memphis will out “athleticize” (new word here on the Coach’s Corner) them, but that the experience UCLA has will be the difference down the stretch.  I think Memphis’s best bet is if they get off to a running start that can see them all the way through, but I don’t think that will happen here.  UCLA by 5

UNC vs Kansas – UNC is paying out of this world and Kansas got all they could handle from Davidson.  Add in the “revenge” factor that Kansas is playing for, the “never been there before” factor for Coach Self, and I think it adds up to too much pressure to overcome the UNC juggernaut.  UNC by 8

I’ll wait to see how bad my predictions are to assess the final.  Good luck everyone!


March Madness, Denver & the MHO

My bracket took a hit this afternoon as Texas looked like they were slow-dancing while Memphis was doing the jitterbug….all over their face.  That hurt me but if Kansas wins, I’ll still have 3 of the final 4.  As much as I want my bracket to stay as strong as it can, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be greatly upset if Davidson pulls the upset.  What an awesome story that would be, huh? 

So what does Denver have to do with this post????


As a fan of music, we decided to watch “The Next Great American Band” last summer as a family.  DMHO was on that show.  They remind me of some of the old Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire music of the ’70s with all the brass.  Really cool sound that you don’t hear very often anymore.  We’re going with a group of friends from The Grove.  It should be great fun.  I’ll miss the end of the Davidson/KU game, but I’m good with whichever way it turns out. 

(By the way, this may be the only post in history that ever combines the NCAA Tournament and DMHO)

Here’s a video of DMHO.  Good stuff!  Enjoy.

March Madness Greatness

march-madness.jpgThe Sweet 16 have been whittled down to the Elite 8 and before the weekend is over, we’ll have our Final Four.  I don’t know if this will hold through the weekend or through the end of the tournament…..

 But for Today…….

THE DOEBLER HOUSEHOLD IS 1-2-3 in the Coach’s Corner Standings. 

That’s right, my offspring and myself hold the first three spots.  I’m getting a little misty-eyed just thinking about it.  Brandon, my youngest (although 14 isn’t as young as it used to be) is in 1st.  I’m holding down slot #2 (I’m still going to win though), and Zach, my eldest (17 and growing) is in third.  This is a Kodak moment….the kind of moment that every self-respecting father dreams of.  Sniff, Sniff.  And I’m proud that you could all share this glorious moment with me. 

Now, it’s off to clean toilets somewhere…and other non-glamorous duties. 

March Madness, Update 3

march-madness.jpgTournament madness resumes tonight as they begin to whittle the Sweet 16 down to the Elite Eight.  I’ve still got a fighting chance in both brackets I’m in, mostly because I’ve still got 7 out of 8 teams left that I have picked for the Elite Eight.  If they hold serve, I’ll have a good chance to win both.  Here are my teams for tonight:

  • Xavier – didn’t have them playing WVU, but if they win, it doesn’t matter
  • North Carolina – thought they’d be playing Notre Dame
  • UCLA – Did anybody have them playing Western Kentucky?  Anybody?  Don’t lie!
  • Tennessee – Had this game picked right, but after the way Louisville annihilated Oklahoma, this could be trouble. 

Anybody got it different? 

March Madness, Update 2

march-madness.jpgI’ll have some thoughts about Easter and what this day has been for us and for me later tonight in Sunday Night Lights.  But I thought I’d add a quick update or two on the tournament. 

I woke up from my nap just in time to see Davidson put the finishing touches on Georgetown…(take that Mark Batterson).  He’ll need an extra cup of coffee or two at Ebenezer’s to help him wake up from his NCAA hangover after that game.  That’s what happens when you pick with your heart.  I know all about that…since I’m a South Carolina fan.  Anyway, I just love pulling for underdogs.  I know it makes a mess of the brackets, but I love seeing them overcome.  I saw a blog earlier that mentioned that Jesus’ resurrection was the ultimate come-from-behind victory.  Maybe that explains my penchant for underdogs….I don’t know.  But it was pretty cool to see Davidson whip some Georgetown butt! 

My brackets still don’t have me at the top, but my secret weapon is that I still have more remaining points than most in both brackets I’m in.  My entire Elite Eight is still playing…so I haven’t lost any chances from the last several rounds, which is where the points really add up.  So I’m hanging in there. 

On the Coach’s Corner front, as of right now, Jon Hartman and my youngest, Brandon, are tied for 1st, but I’m breathing down their necks.  On the “Blogging Church Planters” bracket, I’m still in 48th, but have more points left than most. 

Make sure you check back tonight for the Sunday Night Lights recap. 

NCAA Madness Update – Day 1

march-madness.jpgThe first day of March Madness brought few surprises….which was NOT GOODfor me.  I have come to count on upsets as the bread and butter of the tournament and they are part of my picks.  The first round of games didn’t work out to well for me, but I moved up the charts in the second round of games during the day.  I am participating in two brackets.  There’s one here on the Coach’s Corner, and then I’m in a bracket of “blogging church planters” scattered around the country.  Here are the day 1 results:

Coach’s Corner– I started out near the bottom of both brackets, but in my own bracket here on the blog, I have made a strong move up to number 3 after batting 1.000 in the second round of games.

Church Planting Bloggers – I’m still in the middle of the pack (that’s me down there at #42), but that’s not bad after starting the day almost at the bottom. As the old saying in golf goes “It’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive.”

coachs-corner-ncaa-bracket-day-1.jpg   church-planters-blog-ncaa-bracket-day-1.jpg

On the Coach’s Corner Bracket, have to give kudos to Mitch Varda who only missed one game.  But I’m still lurking.  How are your brackets doing?  Any perfect brackets out there among the readers here?

NCAA Madness at the Coach’s Corner

I LOVE the NCAA tournament.  I’m a competetion nut.  I love it when people strive, give their best, and let the chips fall where they may.  Naturally, I pick a bracket for March Madness.  Now, I not only enjoy the competition on the court, I enjoy the competition of coming up with the best bracket.  You’re invited to join.  Here’s how. 

STEP 1 – To get started, click here! (this will take you to the sign-up page on Yahoo.  WARNING – If you want to be able to follow these directions while you complete the registration, right-click the “click here” link, and then choose to open in a new tab.  That will keep this page open and give you a new window to work in.)

STEP 2 – Click on the “Join a Group” button pictured here. 


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