Does the Presidential Election Matter?

presidential-seal.jpgI NEED YOUR VOTE!

The blogging world continues to expand in very cool directions for me.  I am learning, I am meeting new people, I am being challenged, and I am loving it.  One of the latest stretches for me is a blogging tournament run by the guys over at Planting Space.  It’s a blog geared toward the DNA-freaks that become church planters.  Anyway, they’ve decided to stage this blogging tourney pitting church planters from around the web-world against each other blogging on assigned themes.  Votes will be cast, and winners will advance.  This week’s topic is “Does the Presidential Election Matter?”  My response is below, but it would be really cool if you would drop by and cast a vote beginning 4/3/08 ……….(CLICK HERE TO VOTE): ………

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Proud of My Country for a Lifetime!

“What we have learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback. And let me tell you something — for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” – Michelle Obama

I love politics.  I have since I was a kid.  And it matters because policies shape so many aspects of our daily lives.  There were many times I thought I would eventually wind up in politics.  In fact, a Major I served under in the Army said he was sure one day he would hear about “Senator Doebler”.  Since I’ve been in ministry, God has redirected my passion.  The church is the ultimate hope of the world, not government.  And Jesus is the ultimate answer to all of life’s questions.  So, my political voice has been quieted. 

But today, the gloves come off.  I can not stand on the sideline and observe quietly and let the statement made by Michelle Obama go unaddressed and be at peace with myself. 


I am absolutely appalled that the wife of a candidate that has a serious chance to win the Presidency would make such an outrageous, ridiculous, and hideously wrong statement.  According to reports I read, she is 44 years old.  That would mean that her “adult life” has been lived out since the mid-1980s.  Which makes her my contemporary since I am now 46. 

What America has she been living in?  Because it certainly isn’t mine.  Oh…that’s right.  I only went to a regular state university.  She went to Harvard and Princeton.  Definitely not my America.  I struggled to support my young family when difficult economic conditions hit and joined the Army.  Oh…that’s right.  She worked for a prestigious law firm.  Definitely not my America. 

So how is it that in my America, a place where I once couldn’t get food stamps even though my family was living on MREs, I could still be proud!  How is it in my America, a place that I have had to work hard for every break I’ve ever gotten, I could still be proud!  How is it in my America, a place where I couldn’t even buy my first real home until I was 35 years old, I could still be proud! How is it my America, a place where Christianity is pushed further and further to the back of the bus, I could still be proud!

Maybe the better question is how is it in her America, a place where she went to the best universities in America and worked in the most prestigious professions while at the most prestigious firms, she has never found reason to be proud? Continue reading