To End All Wars

I just finished watching “To End All Wars”, a movie retelling the true story of POWs who endure horrible treatment from their Japanese captors during WW II while being forced to build a railroad through the Burmese jungle.  They find freedom through forgiveness.  It is based on the true story of Ernest Gordon. 

As with any POW-based movie it is often difficult to watch.  What makes it all the more difficult to watch is knowing that it is true, not a figment of someones story-telling imagination.  But while it may be difficult to watch, there are themes and lessons that are too powerful to describe…they simply must be seen and felt.   This movie is deeply moving and just may affect your life. 

Here’s a 10 minute documentary on the film featuring Keifer Sutherland and others connected to the movie. 



Ben Stein!  You know him as a writer and a savvy businessman worth millions.  What you may not know is that he is taking on Darwinism and the theory of evolution in a new movie coming out on April 18th, called “Expelled”. 


I have added an entire page that gives you links to go explore the movie, what it’s all about, watch trailers, win free tickets, and gather resources that you may find helpful.  Click on the “Expelled” tab at the top of the page and dive in.   

If you have a few minutes, watch the super trailer.  If time is short, watch the teaser trailer.  Either way, you’ll get an idea of what this movie is up against and what he’s taking on. 

Vantage Point – Perspective Makes All the Difference

Did you really see what you thought you saw?  Do you really know what you think you know? 

Lesley and I took advantage of a rare opportunity to take in a movie while we were in Chicago.  The first day there, we had a few hours before the evening session and decided to go on a “date” and see a movie.  We settled on Vantage Point.  As a movie, I thought it was not only interesting, but timely, since it dealt with terrorist issues.  It had its share of language, but as movies go these days, the language was very subdued.  As a side note, I really appreciate that.  I have never thought that obscene and foul language necessarily added to the development of the story, which, after all, is what a movie is.  Back to the movie.  There was one dramatic device that got a little irritating, but it could be overlooked after the second or third instance since you began to understand its place and the reason for it. 

The gist of the story is about Continue reading

American Idol – Hollywood

Didn’t feel like being “brain-engaged” tonight (I was down in St Louis today, more on that tomorrow), so here’s my review for AI-Hollywood 

  • Brooke White – She was first out of the chute tonight and did a great job.  What’s remarkable about her is that by her own admission, she has never seen an “R” rated movie.  Lot’s of people would think that’s weird, and the judges even made fun during the first round of auditions, but you can succeed in this world without buying into everything the world offers.
  • David Hernandez – Sand “Love the One You’re With”.  The guys pretty good. 
  • Amanda Overmeyer the “Rock-n-roll nurse” – She recently had a car wreck and had 12 staples in her head.  When asked if she had learned anything she said, “Do it right the first time because you may not get a second chance.”  Tru-dat.  She sang a smoky version of “Light My Fire”
  • Josiah– we met this kid in the auditions living in a car.  He did a surprisingly good job in the first song tonight, but as he was preparing for the second round, he was struggling.  Late at night he confessed to the camera that we was “just really defeated”.  It didn’t look to good, but he pressed on and made it to the final round of cuts.  Great illustration of do your best and leave it at that.
  • Christy Lee Cook – Saw her in the very first audition show.  She is from Oregon and sang “Amazing Grace”.  Really like her.
  • Michael Johns – This guy did an awesome version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  ANYBODY that can sing Queen has got to have a good voice. 
  • Carly Smithson – This is an Irish gal that made it before and then didn’t because she didn’t get her Visa (not a credit card…the immigration thing).  She did a pretty good version of Heart’s “Alone”
  • Asia’h Epperson – This 19 yr-old gal tried out in Atlanta despite recently losing her father.  I thought she was good in Atlanta.  I thought she was great tonight.  Really soulful, rich voice. 

 We’ll find out tomorrow night the final 24.  Those are some of my favorites.  As much as I like music, I think the thing that draws me to this show the most is seeing people succeed.  I’m a sucker for feel-good stories like Rocky, and Rudy, and the story about the 1980 hockey team, “Miracle on Ice” (All movies I highly recommend by the way).  I just see that same theme every time one of these people do well on AI. 

I know…..I’m pathetic. 

Super Ads


In my previous post about the Super Bowl, I touched on the game and lessons learned (I am after a all a football nut and a spiritual leader).  However, I still love to watch the commercials during the game.  USA Today came out with their annual listing of the top commercials from the game this morning.  I think they gather viewers together and they score the commercials and then they average them all out to come up with the list.  Here’s my list:

  • Favorite(came in 3rd on the USA list) – The Bridgestone ad where the squirrel ran out into the road and screamed when it was about to get hit by a car.  I thought it was a hoot
  • Weirdest (24th USA list) – AMP Drink commercial where the tow truck driver stuck the jumper cables on himself.  Very strange
  • Loudest Response by viewers in our house(9th USA) – Unibrow woman using peanuts as perfume
  • What the heck was that? (38th USA) – Career Builder’s commercial where a woman’s heart jumps out of her chest
  • Worst(bottom 5 USA) – tie; Audi ad of guy waking up in bed with a car grill under the sheets…I know it was a take-off of the Godfather, but it still made no sense to me; GMC Yukon, total waste of ad money
  • Movie I’m most anxious to see (based on SB commercials) – tie between “Wall-E” and “Leathernecks”

To view the whole list, click here.  After you’ve reviewed it, add your own list in the comments below.