Racing Toward a Nap


Had a great morning today.  I’ll reflect on that later this evening.  But now I’m racing toward my nap time.  There’s only one problem.  It’s time for the Daytona 500…the opening event each year for NASCAR.  I didn’t really start out as a NASCAR fan…it still doesn’t come anywhere close to comparing to NCAA football for me.  But there’s something about watching the BIG WRECK that they have almost every year.  

Is there something wrong with me or does anybody else watch for the same reason?  I’m not all that concerned with who wins, but I really don’t want to miss the big wreck.  So while I’m stretched out on the couch, the race will be on in the background and I’ll be struggling to maintain a semi-conscious state so that if I hear the words “CRASH IN TURN 4” I can open my eyes and see.  

How weird is that?

BTW, if anyone is down there, our good friends have a Jimmy John’s (their link) right across from the track.  Stop by and tell them I said HI! (after you’ve ordered a sandwich of course.)…..(man…that’s got to be good for a free sandwich somewhere!)