March Madness Wrap-UP

Well, it looked good for me all the way to the Final Four. I was cooking with gas. But then UNC and UCLA ran into two buzzsaws that apparently don’t like alphabetical schools and beat them mercilessly. The whuppin’ that Kansas put on UNC in the first half is still hard to even fathom. That was what #1 seeds do to the University of Height-Challenged Teenagers of Central Nowhere. That is NOT what #1 seeds to to each other. It was amazing. What was also amazing was the choke job that Memphis suffered through in the last two minutes of the championship. That will stick with them for a long time. But you have to give credit to Kansas for hanging in and nailing the shot at the wire to keep playing. So, congrats to Kansas for a great year.

Congratulations are also in order for my oldest son, Zach who finished in first here at the Coach’s Corner. He correctly had Kansas taking it all, and they took him all the way to the winners circle in our bracket. Here’s how we finished:

  1. Zach – My oldest
  2. Jon Hartman – He also had Kansas winning, but came up a bit short
  3. ME – You already know
  4. Brandon – My youngest (That’s right…the Doeblers landed 3 of the top 4 spots)
  5. Josh Jacob – Where did he come from

There’s your top five and the rest are still licking their wounds. Thanks for playing. After UNC and UCLA going down, I fell to a pathetic 65th in the church planters bracket. I guess there are a lot of church planters that know way more about b-ball than I do.


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