Sunday Night Lights

What a day!  Sundays provide both the highest satisfaction for me each week as well as the most stress.  Sunday is “game day” for me…it’s when everything I’ve worked for and planned for during the week reaches its fruition.  It’s also the time when EVERYTHING matters.  But week after week, it provides deep satisfaction.  Here are today’s highlights.

  • We finished the LOST & FOUND segment of our series this morning.  It’s been a remarkable journey we’ve been on accompanied by the inhabitants of LOST.  Here’s the main points for the last 5 weeks.
    • The Wreckage – There was a crash and it changed everything.  Everyone was eqully lost.
    • The Realities – The wreck changed everything for the survivors of LOST.  We looked at paralells between thier situation and ours
    • The Rescue – Just when rescue was offered, the voice of the enemy suggested that it would be a tragic mistake.  When Jesus offers his rescue to us, we all have to wrestle with that same voice that urges us to rethink before accepting Jesus’ rescue.
    • The Return – As Jack said at the end of season three – “We have to go back”.   Rescue typically implies going from a bad situation to something better.  But many of us struggle with pain and suffering and doubt and fear.  If the rescue of Jesus offered something better, then why doesn’t he just take us on to heaven?  Because we have to “Go Back!”
    • The Requirement – Today we looked at the fact that going back is not an option….it is a requirement.  We are all called to participate on this mission that Jesus Christ gave the church.  And it is NOT a mission to satisfy the converted, it is a mission to reach the lost.  It’s messy, it’s hard, but it’s non-negotiable. 
  • We concluded the service with one of the most powerful pieces of video I have ever seen a church do.  You MUST go to Dave Milam’s site (planting pastor of Kinetic Church in Charlotte, NC) and watch this video.  They had their trailer stolen with everything that belonged to the church in it.  This is their response. 
  • I had several people share stories with me about how this series has helped them engage in some very needed spiritual conversation with important people in their lives.  This is fuel for my soul.  It fires me up when people are taking the spiritual meal from Sunday and turning it into spiritual conversations through the week. 

It was a powerful and beautiful day.  God is awesome.  I’m tired, but grateful.  I will sleep well. 


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