March Madness – Final Four

March Madness The Final Four is here and the final standings in all brackets are up for grabs. 

Here at the Coach’s Corner, my offspring and I still have positions 1,2,3.  But that will all shift depending on the winners in these next three games. 

In my Blogging Church Planter’s Bracket, I’m stuck in the 30s, but can still rise to finish just outside the Top 10 if my teams win tonight.   Here’s how I see it—-

UCLA vs Memphis – Memphis utterly destroyed everyone it has played in this tournament and gave Texas (the team I had picked to finish in the Final Four) a Texas-sized beat down.  I could see it coming too.  Memphis is making a believer out of me, unfortunately it’s a year late (I had them picked for the Final Four LAST year).  But….UCLA brings three consecutive years of experience on this stage.  I think Memphis will out “athleticize” (new word here on the Coach’s Corner) them, but that the experience UCLA has will be the difference down the stretch.  I think Memphis’s best bet is if they get off to a running start that can see them all the way through, but I don’t think that will happen here.  UCLA by 5

UNC vs Kansas – UNC is paying out of this world and Kansas got all they could handle from Davidson.  Add in the “revenge” factor that Kansas is playing for, the “never been there before” factor for Coach Self, and I think it adds up to too much pressure to overcome the UNC juggernaut.  UNC by 8

I’ll wait to see how bad my predictions are to assess the final.  Good luck everyone!


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