American Idol – Final Nine Elimination

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I’m on a slight tape delay tonight since I just wrapped up an evening of band rehearsal myself. But, with commercials being what they are, I’ll be caught up to real-time in a snap. I always have mixed emotions about the elimination nights. First you have to endure some of the hokiest, cheeziest group medleys ever created. I often wonder if the gang would rather skip this portion. Second, you have the whole wait to see who got the short straw. There’s always the hope that the worst will go home, but there’s always the realizaton that people like Chris Daughtry got sent packing before their time. It’s a bit of a crap-shoot but I guess that’s why we watch.

Worst Performances Last Night – This is a bit misleading because I didn’t really think anyone stunk the joint up last night. But, there will be three at the bottom….so who do I think will be there?

  1. JC -The jester from King Arthur’s court sent up another half-cooked offering last night and I expect him to be hanging out in the talent-challenged zone tonight.
  2. Mercado – Not a bad performance, but I expect her to be hanging with JC too.
  3. KLC – She seems to be finding herself, and I really think that based on performance, Malubay Barbie should fill this slot. But KLC doesn’t have the support Barbie does, so our country crooner will most likely be on the bottom looking up tonight.

Other Stuff

  • These call-in segments are excruciating. A complete waste of time.
  • The Clark Brothers – Watched these three guys during Next Great American Band and LOVED THEM!!!!! These guys are totally intense. And I love their message. Just a few nights ago, we went to see Denver and Mile High Orchestra who came in third on that show. It was great. But I would pay double to go see the Clark Bros
  • AI Goes Country – Wow…this is really pretty surprising to see how many of these AI contenders have wound up with John Denver heading down country roads.
  • Dolly Parton – As I mentioned last night, I have to give her thumbs up for her songwriting or coaching or both….but her voice is fading. And maybe she should just live with that.

Who’s In Trouble

  • Malubay Barbie – A bit of a surprise because of her voting block, but I think she should be hanging in this group. She has talent and potential, but I don’t think she’s lived up to it yet. Last night was probably her best effort, which makes it even more surprising.
  • KLC – I thought this position was a toss-up between her and Barbie, so her presence means that one of my other picks will reach safety. I think Mercado outsung JC, so I’d rate JC as the leading canditate for seat #3. KLC is growing more comfortable and confident in her content and delivery and I sort of think she’s still got another week or two left.
  • Brooke White – This is total garbage. She is easily one of the most promising performers in this season. This is way too much like the fate that Daughtry suffered. It’s also a little too close to what I wrote at the beginning of this post. Totally wrong. Totally stupid. If either Barbie or KLC head home, it’s within reason. But if Brooke is done, then…”Houston….we have a problem!”

And the KO Goes To…….

Malubay BarbieFirst, I think this is the right decision. Secondly, I am really surpised this has happened at this stage. I really saw her making a Jasmine Trias-like run late into the competition because of her voting fans. I really would have expected JC to be making his parting song right about now this week. So, I am surprised. And it comes after her best week of the competition. And she’s doing it even better tonight. At least she’s going out on a high note. Oh well…this is why they play the game.

AND>>>>>> KLC lives on.


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