March Madness, Denver & the MHO

My bracket took a hit this afternoon as Texas looked like they were slow-dancing while Memphis was doing the jitterbug….all over their face.  That hurt me but if Kansas wins, I’ll still have 3 of the final 4.  As much as I want my bracket to stay as strong as it can, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be greatly upset if Davidson pulls the upset.  What an awesome story that would be, huh? 

So what does Denver have to do with this post????


As a fan of music, we decided to watch “The Next Great American Band” last summer as a family.  DMHO was on that show.  They remind me of some of the old Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire music of the ’70s with all the brass.  Really cool sound that you don’t hear very often anymore.  We’re going with a group of friends from The Grove.  It should be great fun.  I’ll miss the end of the Davidson/KU game, but I’m good with whichever way it turns out. 

(By the way, this may be the only post in history that ever combines the NCAA Tournament and DMHO)

Here’s a video of DMHO.  Good stuff!  Enjoy.


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