Cutting the Cheese

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It’s Friday, and my weird sense of humor is surfacing. Another church planter who’s blog I read posted this on his blog and I almost hurt myself laughing.

WARNING – This is a beer commercial and it is guy humor. I’m not promoting the product, but I am promoting the laughter associated with it.


5 Responses

  1. Oh wow. This was too funny. I do appreciate the humor, though the content could be a bit touchy! lol

  2. There is seriously something wrong with you, Mark! ROFL

  3. When I was growing up these sorts of things were blamed on the family dog or an “Arizona Barking Spider.” ; )

  4. Hey Michael…I thought those spiders were only in the south….they must have migrated west too.

    By the way…thanks much for the books and music…very cool. 🙂

  5. Migration was bound to happen!

    And you’re welcome Mark. Stay Encouraged!

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