Manhood (Part 9) – Man and His Family

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Today we continue on our journey of understanding manhood and it’s role as husband / provider / leader. These are critical roles as the family unit us disintegrating all around us. When men do not live out this function of their manhood, their masculinity, they set in motion a ripple effect that can carry forward for years, even generations. Men, we must get a grip on this. Stu Weber describes this as the King pillar in a man’s heart…that servant-leader that God hardwired into our DNA. Let’s join Stu again:


Pristine. Pure rivers. Gentle breezes. Stable homes. Safe pathways winding between serene hamlets. Children at play. Happy citizens. The poets called it, “The kingdom of summer.” It was a kingdom at peace.

excalibur.jpgThe king made it happen. Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther, High King of Britain, delivered to his people their paradise. His courage and cunning as a warrior drove the raiding Saxon hordes into the sea. His skills as a negotiator united the petty regional kings, ended the constant bloodshed, and-for the first time since the Legions marched-brought the old Roman colony of Britannia under a single glorious banner. His leadership seemed nearly divine. It was a little bit of life “on earth as it is in heaven.”

So long as Arthur occupied the throne and rode the king’s highways with his knight companions, life was secure, carefree, and fulfilling. When the king was in his castle, the kingdom breathed a collective sigh of contentment. Whether it actually existed in history or lives only in legend is a matter of conjecture. Nevertheless, Camelot was the idyllic realm

And every generation since has longed for the same. A Kingdom of Summer. Peace and sunlight, music and laughter. Everything at rest-and it all rides on the shoulders of the king.

When there is competent leadership-at the head, things somehow seem better. People feel better. Spirits are up. Criticism is down. Cynicism slithers back into the shadows from which it came…and life is good

Leadership is everything, whether it’s Hitler’s Germany, Kennedy’s America, Khomeni’s Iran, Arthur’s Camelot-or your own home. As the leaders go, so go the people. Camelot is the responsibility of the king.

Questions to ponder? Do you agree that when good leadership is present, people feel better, spirits are raised? What examples can you pull from to support your position? Do you agree that leadership is EVERYTHING? Do the same principles that apply to the need for leadership in a country or a business apply to a family/home as well? How so?

So how is your kingdom? How is the king in you doing? How’s it at your house, in your little realm? What kind of leader are you? Is there a sweet aroma of contentment? Or is your home characterized by the sour taste of bitterness? Are the “citizens” secure? Is there peace? Is there laughter in the hallways? Is everyone glad to know the king is in his castle? Or would they, frankly, prefer a revolt? Is your home a little taste of heaven, or is it hell on earth?


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