C o nn e ctio n Pro bl ems

One of my discoveries within the blog world is how much useful ministerial information there is available, and how willing other ministers are to help you.  I recently made the acquaintance of a guy by the name of Bill Reichart, who is the “Connections” Pastor at a church in North Atlanta.  That means his job is to help create opportunities for people to experience community within the life and context of their church. 

More and more, people are just disconnected.  And even though it is a high priority for many churches, including The Grove, it remains a difficult and elusive goal for most churches.  I spoke to Bill by phone last week and they are constantly experimenting with strategies to get people involved in their community of faith in such a way that they will be able to grow.  No easy task.  Their church is larger than ours, but the challenges are similar.   According to him, one of the most frequent complaints within the church, and others, is “I’m not connected.”  The most difficult part of this statement is that there is a requirement on the part of the disconnected member to create space and opportunity to do so. 

Take a few minutes to drop by one of Bill’s blogs (he has two, one of which is in my blogroll) and read his take on connecting within the church.  It’s a helpful read…I promise. 

I’m Not Connected, by Bill Reichart


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