American Idol Top Ten Elimination

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Elimination Time – Round three is in the books and all that’s left is to determine who will have the longest wait before the summer tour. I’m not sure which is worse, getting the axe at #11 and not making the tour, or getting the axe at #10 and having to wait forever. At least if you’re #11 (our dearly departed rock n roll nurse) you can just get on with whatever. Moving on…… the worst performances by my calculations last night were – in no particular order:
  • Malubay Barbie – She’s still not hitting on all cylinders and last night was another case of having a missing spark plug in the engine. But she’s got a great pit crew that will keep her in the running, so I don’t think she has any worries.
  • JC– There’s no way around the fact that JC has a lot of appeal. He’s got a natural sort of style. But that can’t carry you forever…and I think he may be about to get his first dose of reality tonight.
  • Cheezit– I’ve never understood when people/teams are winning, why they pull back. I’ve seen that strategy fail time and time again. Cheezit had everybody wanting more just two short weeks ago. Then last week, he straddled the fence. Finally last night, he fell back into his old style. I don’t fault the delivery that much. I still think he has more chops than JC. But he will most likely wind up in the bottom.
  • KLC and Smithson – If this is an effort to predict who will wind up in the bottom three, then this slot is equally shared between the two of them. I don’t think that Malubay Barbie will wind up in the bottom, and JC may have one more week to skip his day of reckoning. If so, Cheezit still has to have some company at the bottom, and it could be either or both.

I’m back now….just finished with my own music rehearsal. Let’s see where we are.

Who’s In Trouble

  • Cheezit – No surprise with that one. Cheezit has damaged his own box by going back to a tired, old brand. He knew it too.
  • Mercado – Has been at the bottom of my rankings for two weeks now which means that she has been struggling. Without a doubt, her performance last night was far and away her best, but like Smithson, she hasn’t really built a following yet.
  • JC – Called it right on two out of three. JC should be here. He’s been very lackluster for weeks, but I still don’t think he will be going home this week. I’m still thinking we’ll be minus one box of Cheezits in a few minutes.

Other Stuff

  • Brooke White – If there was any doubt about whether she can dance or not, she settled that during the group song. How can someone that is so good musically dance so badly?
  • Smithson – Making it to the next round is a half-surprise. She’s got very good vocals, but she hasn’t really connected with the audience yet. But now she has another week to figure it out. She’ll need it.
  • Fan Phone Calls – This has to be one of the worst time-fillers ever. I hope this segment will disappear after this year.
  • Kimberly Locke – Yet another testament to the power of AI. She didn’t win, but has now built a career purely off the opporunity that AI afforded her. Huge props for the weight loss. That’s a great accomplishment.
  • Idol Gives Back – Wherever you are, I hope you realize that one of the most satisfying things you can ever do is to give. It’s completely counter-cultural, but it’s true.


Cheezit – I actually hate that I got this one right. Two weeks ago, I saw some really cool style and potential and crazy energy. He proved to be his own worst enemy by going back to a style he should have completely stayed away from. The public decided that one Reuben Studdard was enough, and once he went back in that direction, he sealed his own fate. Sorry to see him leave…. but only the spicy box….I’m fine with saying bye-bye to the stale version.

AND …….. KLC is still alive and kickin’


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