NCAA Madness Update – Day 1

march-madness.jpgThe first day of March Madness brought few surprises….which was NOT GOODfor me.  I have come to count on upsets as the bread and butter of the tournament and they are part of my picks.  The first round of games didn’t work out to well for me, but I moved up the charts in the second round of games during the day.  I am participating in two brackets.  There’s one here on the Coach’s Corner, and then I’m in a bracket of “blogging church planters” scattered around the country.  Here are the day 1 results:

Coach’s Corner– I started out near the bottom of both brackets, but in my own bracket here on the blog, I have made a strong move up to number 3 after batting 1.000 in the second round of games.

Church Planting Bloggers – I’m still in the middle of the pack (that’s me down there at #42), but that’s not bad after starting the day almost at the bottom. As the old saying in golf goes “It’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive.”

coachs-corner-ncaa-bracket-day-1.jpg   church-planters-blog-ncaa-bracket-day-1.jpg

On the Coach’s Corner Bracket, have to give kudos to Mitch Varda who only missed one game.  But I’m still lurking.  How are your brackets doing?  Any perfect brackets out there among the readers here?


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