Manhood – Will Resume on Monday

If you’ve been tracking this series on Manhood, I am taking a break from it until Monday of next week.  The next few days will be highly intensive for me as I complete the preparations for the Easter service.  As such, I want to turn my attention on the blog to thoughts of Easter. 

Along with that, today is a very busy day for me.  Nathan Giffin will be here shortly to spend a day envisioning his work and skills put to use in our building.  If that rings a bell (of if it doesn’t) you can refresh your memory by reading the “Burning Man” post from a couple of weeks ago.  His work is nothing short of amazing, and it could potentially be the finishing touches that we need for our building. 

Additionally, I will be meeting with Scott Campbell.  Scott is a missionary in Montreal, Canada.  His story is full of challenge, hardship, victory, and frustration.  There is much work to be done there and Scott has been fighting the good fight for years in a spiritually difficult location.  I am anxious to see him, to hear about his latest efforts, and to encourage him in his work. 

Stay tuned for updates from today, and for some helpful thoughts regarding Easter. 


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