NCAA Madness at the Coach’s Corner

I LOVE the NCAA tournament.  I’m a competetion nut.  I love it when people strive, give their best, and let the chips fall where they may.  Naturally, I pick a bracket for March Madness.  Now, I not only enjoy the competition on the court, I enjoy the competition of coming up with the best bracket.  You’re invited to join.  Here’s how. 

STEP 1 – To get started, click here! (this will take you to the sign-up page on Yahoo.  WARNING – If you want to be able to follow these directions while you complete the registration, right-click the “click here” link, and then choose to open in a new tab.  That will keep this page open and give you a new window to work in.)

STEP 2 – Click on the “Join a Group” button pictured here. 


STEP 3 – Here you will click on the “Join Group” button under Accept an Invitation


STEP 4 – You will need a Yahoo ID.  If you already have one, sign in.  If not you will need to create one at this screen.


STEP 5 – At this page you will enter the group ID # and the password

  • ID – 157891
  • password – cornercrunchers


STEP 6 – In step 6, you will be asked to create a “new bracket”  Simply pick a name for your bracket, answer a few questions, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “SUBMIT”

STEP 7 – Make your selections. 

FINISHED – You’re done.  Now just enjoy the tournament and get ready to take a beating!  BTW – you won’t be able to see other brackets until the tournament starts. 


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