American Idol Final 11 Elimination – Round 2

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Elimination Time – The judges have added up the scorecards from round two and someone is going to suffer a knockout hook. The worst performances by my calculations last night were in order:
  1. KLC – Kady Malloy must have been contagious, because KLC just has had no personality while performing.
  2. Malubay Barbie – She may be appealing, but her ring performance was once again pretty shaky
  3. JC – Don’t think he has to worry about the hook and he probably won’t even wind up in the bottom three, but he’s wobbling a bit.
  4. Mercado – Better performance in round 2, but still not sure she has staying power
  5. Cheezit – He made a strategic error in round 2 by trying to combine two fighting styles. He separated himself last week, but set himself back a bit last night.

Who’s In Trouble?

  1. Carly SmithsonOK gang…gotta admit that this is a shocker. While I have never seen her as the winner of this season, she still has some of the best vocals in the group. But as we have seen over years past, good vocals alone aren’t enough to gaurantee victory (i.e., Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, etc.). Nor are bad vocals alone enough to send you packing (i.e. the infamous Sinjuju, Nikki McKibben from season 1, etc.). You have to bring something extra to last. What I have seen lacking in Smithson is variety and overall appeal. Check back through my critiques of her. It would appear that is catching up with her. I said last night that if she’s going to make it to the end, she will have to stretch herself into something more challenging, a bit different that will surprise us. To quote myself, last night was “more of the same” from her. Don’t see her going home just yet, but this may be the jolt she needs to stretch.
  2. KLCNo surpise here. She should be in the bottom and has most likely served up her last bucket of country fried Beatles.
  3. The Rock n’ Roll Nurse – Another stunner here. Probably even more so than Smithson. If there’s one thing that AO brings it’s uniqueness. No way that she wins, but I expected her to make top 5 or 6 based on being so different. Of course, she still may, but she might also be exposed a bit now. There’s no way that anyone other than KLC is heading home tonight, but I’m still shocked by who joined her at the bottom.

Other Stuff

  • Malubay Barbie – With Malubay Barbie skipping the bottom three, I think it’s safe to say that she is running on the same track that carried Jasmine Trias deep into the competition. Which means that she will be with us for a while in all likelihood. And that should be good news for all of her fans. I still think she has more potential than we have seen so far.
  • Kelli Pickler – “Pick Pickler” was always one of my favorites. She didn’t have the best voice that year, but you just had to love her. Her personality, along with some decent talent has carried her a long way. Happy for her.
  • Idol Gives Back – Great piece of charity work and I really admire the work and the effort.


The Rock n’ Roll Nurse – AO has taken the sucker punch. She can’t hold a note for more than just a nano-second, but I liked her. Especially when she screamed. Elvis would have been proud. She said she she was excited about meeting the lead singer from REO Speedwagon. They actually played in our building years ago. Interesting. I said last night that Lafeyette should get ready because she WILL be coming back….I just didn’t expect it to be this soon.

On a parting note, KLC is living a charmed life.


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