American Idol – Final 11 Rankings (Pre-Round 2)

americanidollogo_2.jpgBusted!  Going, going…..GONE!  Very happy to see Hernandez get the big hook in Round 1.  I thought his performance in Round 1 bordered on a high school performance that you might find in Napoleon Dynamite territory.  It was awful.  Granted, he had a few competitors for the worst, but he still managed to stand out to me last week as SUPER BAD!  (And that does NOT mean Super Good).  Anyway, there are some changes in this week’s rankings (click here to see last week’s rankings).  Get out your ring cards and let’s see who’s moving up and who’s moving down.  Click read more to check out the rankings.

Men’s Power Rankings

Women’s Power Rankings

1.  David “Help Me With My Hair” Cook

  • Moving Up
  • Still not really completely diggin’ his vibe, but he seems to have captured something with the judges and with the public.  I have consistently said that he probably has the most “rocker edge” to his voice. I think he has now established himself as the front-runner for the guys.
1.  Brooke “I Dare You Simon” White

  • Steady (But still moving up)
  • Ranked in this spot last week, I think she solidified her spot in the #1 position last week.  She is consistently delivering really great performances while managing to create a sense of “unexpectedness”.  She has brought some awesome variety to her repertoire of punches and it is paying BIG dividends.
2.  Michael “Double D” Johns – “Dingo Dude”

  • Steady
  • Had an OK performance in Round 1, but will need to do better to make it deep into the contest.  He will survive another round or two with modest effort, but he’ll have to step it up soon.
2.  Carly “Take 2″ Smithson

  • Steady
  • Consistently good, but nowhere near as engaging and appealing as BW.  I have never thought she would be the last one standing, and still don’t.
3.  David “Aw Shucks” Archuleta

  • Moving Down
  • Still super-likeable.  But he stumbled badly last week.  Weakest performance by a mile and forgetting lyrics is NEVER good.  Momentum can be a friend or a killer.  Just ask the guys in the NCAA tournament.  He lost MAJOR mo last week.
 3.  Amanda Overmyer                                      “The Rock n Roll Nurse”

  • Moving Up
  • She’s moving up, but I think it’s more because of others moving down.  I like her style, but I don’t think she’ll ever rise higher than this spot. 
4.  Chikezie “Cheezit”

  • Moving Up
  • I actually want to move Cheezit up to third, but I still think Archuleta has to be favored over Cheezit just now.  His Round 1 performance was a KO.  If he can keep that up, he’ll move up even further.
4.  Ramiele Malubay “Barbie”

  • Moving Up
  • I think she has talent that we haven’t seen yet.  She may be doing a bit of “Rope-a-dope” strategy.  Hang around, hang around, hang around, and suddenly come out swinging (singing).  It could work, but I don’t think she can weather the storm for too long. 
5.  Jason “Dreading It” Castro

  • Moving Down
  • His songs may sound “sincere”, but they are starting to get B.O.R.I.N.G.  He needs to be a little less “dreamy” and bring some testosterone into the ring or he’ll be in trouble soon. 
5.  Syesha Mercado

  • Moving Down
  • Really weak performance in Round 1.  Not only was it a poor effort, but I don’t think she’s connecting with any particular part of the ring-side crowd.  All-in-all, that doesn’t add up to a winning combo for her.
DONE:  David “Busted” Hernandez

See Ya!

6.   Kristy Lee Cook “KLC”

  • Steady
  • In this case, steady is not good.  She only made it to Round 2 because Hernandez was so bad in Round 1.  He was the only one who could save her, and he took the KO punch.  Maybe she’s got something we haven’t seen yet, but if so, she better show it in Round 2, or that will be her last. 

Mercado and KLC are the two most likely candidates for getting beat down in Round 2.  And while Cheezit has moved past JC, he’ll have to maintain the energy he brought in Round 1 or he could easily stumble here.  Any disagreements out there? 


5 Responses

  1. Duh… You call Hernanez’ singing “awful”. I guess you’re just tone-deaf. I doubt you can sing as well.

  2. anyway, I love this post.

  3. Regine, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. BTW – I have friends who think I can sing, but you never know if they’re lying or not. 🙂

    Glad to have you. Come back again.

  4. hey mark. I forgot to tell you… though I doubt that you can sing (like what your friends say) I’m a fan of yours… good job man,

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