Tornado – Near Miss


It’s late Saturday afternoon and I just got a call from my mom in South Carolina (click the picture for a better view of where) that they survived a near miss from a series of tornados that broke out in GA, SC, and other parts of the South in the U.S. today.  They were spared serious damage to their own home while a church across the street suffered significant damage.  My folks had several outbuildings on their property that were severely damaged, but their home is in pretty decent condition although they have no electricity. 

This reminds me of several key points from our message series that we are currently in – LOST:

  1. We live in a broken world
  2. There is often a randomness that seems to make no sense, and it challenges our faith.
  3. In these crisis moments, there are some who will see the hand of God and take comfort while others will blame God and turn from him. 
  4. In the end, we always have a choice about how we will view our circumstances and ultimately what we will do with them.
  5. It reminds me of a wise proverb that goes like this, “Fear is looking at God through circumstances.  Faith is looking at circumstances through God.”

I’m glad my folks are choosing to see their current circumstances through God.  Please pray for the many across the south that have been devastated by the current series of violent storms. 


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