Manhood – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Part 1)

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Manhood is in pretty rough shape these days. We live in a cultural vacuum of trying to define manhood and manliness. Are men supposed to be the Marlboro Man of those famous cigarette ads or are they supposed to be metrosexuals? Are they supposed to be strong and silent or or they supposed to blubber all over themselves while they get in touch with their feminine side? It’s a really weird and difficult time to be a man. And it’s only getting harder.

Why do I even bring this up? Last Sunday we began a series of messages at The Grove built around themes found in the TV show LOST. I absolutely love that show. It fascinates and intrigues me as much or more than any program in recent memory….maybe ever. The more I watched the show, the more I realized that there are some serious spiritual realities that we can unwrap by working off of themes in the show. So we began to do so last Sunday. Our first “episode” had to do with the crash.

BAM! In an instant everything changed. Nothing was what it used to be any longer. One event changed reality for everyone aboard that flight. The same thing happened back in Genesis chapter three when we see the crash of humanity as Adam and Eve disobeyed God. BAM! In an instant everything changed. Nothing was what it used to be. One event changed reality for everyone that would ever be born.

As we unwrapped portions of Genesis 3, there are some very serious implications there for men and women. That’s where it all traces back to. Every tendency, every rebellious characteristic, every character flaw, and everything that SHOULD BE can be uncovered there. But I am convinced that unless men get their act together, unless they understand manhood and manliness, that nothing will ever be as it should be. When contemplating the causation of events, people will often ask the rhetorical question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” And in a broken culture today there is a lot of finger-pointing and asking who is most responsible….who should change first or make the first move. Well, when it comes to making culture, society, families, churches, and life in general right and whole again, I think the answer rests firmly with men.

Beginning tomorrow, I will make a series of posts about men, manhood, marriage, life, and the church. In it I will touch on a variety of issues and bring in info from a variety of sources.


I have decided to start this series of posts now for two reasons. 1.) Our message last Sunday really reminded me of an overwhelming need to help men (myself included) get our heads screwed on right about what it means to be a man these days and in every setting that entails. 2.) Because Spring is around the corner and Spring represents new life. Things that were asleep are awoken. Things that were dormant come back to life. Spring is a fresh start. There is hope and joy as the grip of winter is broken and warmth and strength returns. I think that’s a great time for men to do the same.

I hope you’ll drop back by tomorrow to kick this off with me.


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