American Idol Final 12 Elimination – Round 1

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Elimination Time – The judges have added up the scorecards from round one and someone is going to suffer a knockout hook. The worst performances by my calculations last night were in order:

  1. (Worst of the worst) – Hernandez
  2. KLC – A close second
  3. Syesha Mercado – Very weak performance
  4. Malubay Barbie – Lackluster, but should be safe
  5. “Aw Shucks” Archuleta – Worst performance from him so far, but he has no worries.

First up for going home is:

  1. Mercado – Not surprising in the least since she was really shaky last night. I had her ranked at #3 in my power rankings, but noted that she could fall if she doesn’t give the audience something to latch onto. Don’t think she’s the one getting the hook, but she is falling down the chart.
  2. KLC – Completely expected this for her. Her countrified version of the Beatles was painful. Going in that direction is her only chance of carving out a niche, but it was just not the right time to go there. She would have been better off relying on her looks and personality to get through to another week with a song choice that makes more sense moving toward country. She is 50/50 for going home. (I’m still expecting the next one to be called down to be Hernandez…if it’s not him, then KLC will be the likely loser tonight)
  3. And the winner of the third spot is……HERNANDEZ – His performance last night was like a cheap snack from the counter at the theatre, completely cheesy and totally unnatural. I predicted that his past might catch up with him. He is 50/50 with KLC, but I am hoping he catches the hook.


David “BUSTED” Hernandez – The guy actually has some chops and some talent, but this is not the right show for him, and his effort in Round 1 was a killer. Right choice. KLC lives to whip up another bucket of countrified chicken in round 2. Yeeeeehaw!


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