The Solution to D.S.T. Drowsiness

coffee-iv.jpgI posted this last week in my blog about Daylight Savings Time (which included some other helpful hints from USA Today), but some of you may have missed it.  So like all good things, here’s your second chance. 

By the way, you might want to keep an extra bag or two with you at all times for the next few weeks.  Which is advisable since there is a buy two, get one free special for this week only!

Caution:  May cause excessive hyperactivity.  But if that irritates your co-workers, so much the better. 

(Catheters are extra)


3 Responses

  1. Mark, you have a problem! 🙂

  2. Hey Tammy…check this out.

    Not that I am being defensive or anything like that.

  3. Jeff,
    Great link…It’s always helpful to find other ways to PROVE it’s actually GOOD FOR ME! I’m really starting to think I may manage a coffee plantation in eternity. (I just wonder who will be the pickers?)

    Thanks, Jeff!

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