Sunday Night Lights


We began our new message series today at The Grove that is built around themes found in the TV show “LOST”.  Our tech team (you ‘da man Todd….you ‘da man too Jim) did an amazing job this morning pulling together a large number of elements into a pretty seamless whole.  We had additional dramatic contributions of our flight attendant “Kiki” (you missed your calling Janet) and our Captain “Please fasten your seat belts” Proud.  And that’s not to mention some creative script writing from Paula.  My son, Zach, even contributed some great sound effects.  It was a monumental effort this morning to create an environment that was conducive to crashing a plane.  And so many people this morning made great contributions.  Here are some highlights from the message:

  • On “LOST”, the series is built around the crash of a plane.  That created a some specific situations that we looked at today.
    • In spite of being from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, all the passengers on LOST were now “equal”
    • They were equal because they were all now in the same situation.  Their previous circumstances, their previous status was now immaterial.
    • They were equal because they were all equally lost.
    • They were equal because they were all equally in need of rescue. 
  • Much the same happened way back at the beginning of the story of humanity in Genesis 3. 
  • The sin of Adam pretty muched “crashed” humanity. 
  • Because of the sin of Adam, all of mankind is now equal. 
    • We are equal because we are all stained by sin.
    • We are equal because our sin separates us from God.
    • We are equal because we are all equally lost.
    • We are equal because we are all equally in need of rescue.
  • There are realities that the survivors of the crash faced on LOST.  Regardless of what they had wished or hoped for; regardless of what they wanted to believe or not to believe; their reality was now different, and they would have to deal with it. 
  • Humanity must face some realities as the result of Adam’s “crash”. 
  • We’ll look at those realities next Sunday.

I am often amazed at the incredible commitment that many of our people show.  And on a Sunday that arrived with an hour less sleep than normal, and far more technical elements than usual, our people rose to the challenge. 

I hope you can find your way to The Grove next Sunday as we ponder our choices alongside the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. 


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