The Answer to Your Prayer Just Might Be….YOU!

How many times have we all prayed that God would do…(fill in the blank)?  I know I have uttered such prayers on numerous occasions.  Well, I had an interesting observation on that prayer this afternoon. 

I stopped by our church building at The Grove to take care of a few tasks in preparation for tomorrow’s service (which is going to be OFF THE HOOK AWESOME!).  As I was wrapping up, Marvin came in (with a very large cup of aromatic coffee…which was making me highly covetous).  I walked over to talk to him about some of the projects that he’s working on.  As we were standing there, Marvin sprung a leak (NO…not him….the coffee!!).  Several ounces of black gold fell to the floor before we could get him a new cup to salvage what was left.  Then Marvin went off to get a mop in order to clean up the leak.  This would be a tragic story if it weren’t for what Marvin shared with me a few minutes later. 

Here’s the deal.  Marvin said, “You may have just witnessed a miracle.”  He said he had been noticing the floor needed to be mopped and that he was praying that God would send someone to mop the floor.  And now, here he was with a mop in hand….mopping the floor (all due to a hole in a coffee cup). 

Now you may think that this story may be a bit of a reach.  But I think it’s a great reminder, that sometimes God doesn’t want us to pray for something to get done…..He wants US to JUST DO IT

Maybe Nike isn’t quite as original as we thought! 


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