American Idol – Final 12 Set

Well, we’re finally down to the real deal.  My handicapping was pretty good for this week’s final cuts.  Let’s review my previous comments:

Men’s Bracket: 

Luke MenardComes out of the gate doing his best impression of George Michael.  I’m not sure that’s an icon you really want to impersonate.  I’m really surprised the “force” is still with him and he’s still here.  I know that one of my readers is a Luke fan, but I’m just not seeing him make the next round.  I’ve predicted his departure every week so far.  Eventually I’ll be right.  It’s like the hypochondriac tombstone that says:  See, I told you I was sick.  Wake me up when he is gone-gone. 

Going, Going, Gone Has to be Luke “May the force be with you as you leave” Menard; and if I’m lucky, Danny “More than a woman” Noriega.  

Women’s Bracket:

Asai’h Epperson – She’s got spunk…and this is a song with some attitude. But she’s off her game tonight. She’s actually one of my female favorites. Her vocal quality is unique. She’s got a voice that if you heard a song on the radio, you would immediately know it was her. But this song did her no favors vocally. (I must need to clean out my ears, because Randy and Paula are raving.) At least Simon brings a dose of reality to this one.
Kady “I don’t know who I am” Malloy – At least she’s honest about thinking she was done last week. Of course that was obvious from the reactions. But I don’t think she’ll survive another cut. She just seems way too serious when she sings. It’s like every bit of sparkle and fun that you see in her interviews disappears when she sings. I think the next thing to disappear will be her.

Going, Going, Gone– First out the door is Kady “I Don’t Know Who I Am” Malloy. I think following her out will be Ramiele “I Can’t Wait ‘Til I Grow Up” Malubay.

So I missed on Malubay “Barbie”, but I was pretty good on the rest.  I think that Malubay making the cut over Epperson is a mistake, but I did say that Epperson had a bad night. 

I’ll handicap the remaining contestants before next week.  So what do you think?  Is it the right final 12?  Who should still be in it that’s gone?  And who should be gone that’s still hanging around? 


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