American Idol Women – Sweet 16 Women’s Bracket

For the first time in several weeks, I’ll have a chance to watch the gals “live”. I’m usually occupied on Wednesday nights, so it’s typically a DVR situation. But TONIGHT, I’m free (or at least cheap). I’m not exactly what to expect from the gals tonight, but it HAS to be better than the dudes last night. Thank goodness that was only a one-hour episode. I’m not sure I could’ve tolerated a longer one. The guys just don’t seem to have any real aggressiveness to them. In the end, this is still a competition. You’ve got to go out and get it done…you’ve got to win it. And the guys just seem to be half-steppin’. The girls seem to have more spunk. So we’ll see if that plays out tonight or not. There’s obviously one girl shocked she’s still singing tonight, that being Kady “I don’t know who I am” Malloy who squeaked by a much better Alaina Whitaker last week. As long as she’s doing impressions, she’s funny and engaging. But as soon as she starts being Kady, she seems totally lost. It will be interesting to see if she finds out who she is this week.

Time to grab the popcorn and another round of Pepsi (my apologies to Coke…the official American Idol sponsor).

Asai’h Epperson – She’s got spunk…and this is a song with some attitude. But she’s off her game tonight. She’s actually one of my female favorites. Her vocal quality is unique. She’s got a voice that if you heard a song on the radio, you would immediately know it was her. But this song did her no favors vocally. (I must need to clean out my ears, because Randy and Paula are raving.) At least Simon brings a dose of reality to this one.
Kady “I don’t know who I am” Malloy – At least she’s honest about thinking she was done last week. Of course that was obvious from the reactions. But I don’t think she’ll survive another cut. She just seems way too serious when she sings. It’s like every bit of sparkle and fun that you see in her interviews disappears when she sings. I think the next thing to disappear will be her.
Amanda “The Rock n’ Roll Nurse” Overmyer – Amanda is only still in this because she is SO different from everyone else. Her destruction of Kansas last week was straight out of Wizard of Oz, and unlike Dorothy, she will not want to return. This week’s song is much more in her wheelhouse. Gotta admit that I kind of like it when she sort of screams…can’t explain it…just do. Anyway, she’s left Kansas behind like dust in the wind.
Carly “What recording contract” Smithson – She’s trying out a new look tonight…maybe one less quart of oil than usual. She’s probably got the biggest voice of the girls, but somehow I just don’t think she’ll make it to the end. And it will be interesting to see if she gets a record deal if she doesn’t win since she’s already had one before. Obviously, she’ll have exposure from AI that she didn’t have the first time around, but there’s something that I think may be missing. Keep a close watch on what turns up for her if she doesn’t win, which I don’t think she will.
Kristy Lee Cook (KLC) – Journey may be one of the greatest groups of all time, so it’s a tall order to deliver the goods on one of their songs. KLC has got lots of appeal, but maybe not quite as much vocal appeal. She didn’t slaughter the song, but it did have a bit of a country twist to it. I do agree with Simon, that she will make the final 12, but don’t think she’ll make it past top 8 at best.
Ramiele “I Can’t Wait ‘Til I Grow Up” Malubay – Singing one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SONGS, Take a Look at me Now. It may be the best movie theme song ever. The final song of that movie, accompanied by this song, was simply awesome. Unfortunately, her version was not. It’s not that I thought it was a bad choice. The song has got great power. But she just didn’t bring it.
Brooke “I Dare You, Simon” White – Brooke has a unique style. At least it’s a bit unique in today’s environment. She reminds me a lot of Carly Simon, who could easily be one of the best female artists ever. She even has a bit of Carly Simon’s quirkiness. Pat Benetar is not someone I would match her up with, but I’m really digging this verson so far. I think she’s going to wind up going a lot farther than I would have ever thought early on. And once again, Simon and I are in complete agreement.
Syesha Mercado – This girls got a winning personality and pretty good pipes. One thing that strikes me while watching her is to ask, “Why do so many girls tap their fingers on the mic while singing?” I almost never see guys do that. What’s that all about? As for the song, it was fine. She should make it through.

Going, Going, Gone – First out the door is Kady “I Don’t Know Who I Am” Malloy. I think following her out will be Ramiele “I Can’t Wait ‘Til I Grow Up” Malubay.

Any predictions from all of you out there? Anyone brave enough?


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