Dude, Somebody Stole My Hour!

clock.jpgThat annual “mess with your body-clock” day is upon us.  It’s a mysterious event that happens this weekend somewhere in the night between Saturday (3/8) and Sunday (3/9), which begs the question “does it happen on Saturday or Sunday.”  Somehow all the clocks that matter change by an hour except the one inside of me.  While I really enjoy the ultimate benefits of longer days in the summer, it messes me up for at least a week or two on the front end. 

And…each year, there are always the questions about why.  You can read about that here in the history of DST (which still does nothing to readjust by body clock).   

USA Today had an interesting article about the coming time-shift that you can read here.  For your convenience, I am posting some of their suggestions for helping you prepare for change:


Body-clock experts say you could blunt the effects of next week’s time change by:

  • Going to bed and getting up a few minutes earlier every day this week.
  • Shifting your meals earlier.

Not likely?  In that case, at least plan to take it easy, especially on the roads, early next week.  Be kind to other sleepy people too, suggests researcher Fred Turek: “If you are the boss and you see on of your employees drifting off to sleep, just pat them on the back.  Don’t fire them.”

(I agree.  Wait until they wake up……THEN FIRE THEM.)

Anyway, those are their suggestions. 


coffee-iv.jpgWhen the heavy-lid, slow-brain, can’t-get-out-of-your-own-way, I-hate-my-job, I-hate-my-boss, kick-the-cat, can’t-find-my-keys, symptoms of DST kick-in, all you need is one of these (with a few extras in your briefcase/backpack/carry bag of course) and you will be well on your way to overcoming and beating down the DST blues. 

(This blog has now provided its’ mandatory public service announcement for 2008)


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