Sunday Night Lights


The energizer bunny….on steroids!  That’s probably a fairly accurate description of Bill Perkins.  We were blessed to have Bill spend the night with us on Saturday night.  After 10 minutes, I knew we were in for a great day today since he was our guest speaker.  And we got one.  He did a great job on encouraging us as men to fight for our marriages.  Quite frankly, marriage is in as much trouble in Christian circles as it is in the rest of the population.  There doesn’t seem to be much difference.  But there should be.  And Bill gave us some real wisdom and biblical tools for strengthening the most important relationship in our lives other than the one we have with Jesus Christ – our marriages.  Here are a few tips:


  1. Understand your wives (easier said than done, but that doesn’t excuse us from trying).
  2. Tell them you love them (for some reason they like to hear it)
  3. Tell them how lucky you are to have them (lie if necessary)
  4. Hug them (hey…it’s a start)
  5. Do things they enjoy (apparently they’re not all football fans)
  6. Listen to them (we don’t have to fix everything)


Since he gave several pointers to the men, he included two for the gals:

  1. Show up naked!
  2. Bring food!

That pretty much sums up what guys are looking for.  We’re not very complicated creatures are we? 


We really enjoyed laughing and learning about improving our marriages.  And for those single folks with us it was a great reminder of what the men should be and what the women should be looking for.  The Bible is such a practical book.  It is the ultimate book of wisdom.  God really did know what he was talking about.  It helps if we listen. 


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