Sunday’s Coming

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning.  We are truly blessed to have such a gifted man of God in our service tomorrow.  Having been in the business world before transitioning into ministry, I place high value on men who can move authoritatively in both worlds.  Bill Perkins is one of those men. 

We have the opportunity tomorrow morning to sit at the feet of man who God has used to minister to churches, men, businesses and people all around the world.  These opportunities should be looked upon with great favor.  If you can be with us tomorrow at The Grove, come with anticipation.  Anticipation that you will hear from God…that you will learn wisdom…that you will be challenged in your faith…that you will be affirmed in your worth…and that you WILL meet with God. 

If you come with that mindset, it will be one of the best Sunday’s you’ve ever had.  If you attend church elsewhere, carry that same mindset with you.  Your pastor works hard to provide a buffet of spiritual food that will entice and nourish you.  Honor him by being ready to receive it with joy! 


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