Bill Perkins is Coming!

Next Sunday – Bill Perkins will be the guest speaker at The Grove.  Who is Bill Perkins?  Here are some highlights:

  • Bill Perkins is an entertaining speaker and insightful author. He has written numerous books, appeared on nationally broadcast television and radio shows and addressed audiences across the United States and Canada.
  • For six years Bill wrote an inspirational guide that was distributed to almost 200,000 people a month and aired daily on 200 radio stations.
  • He has appeared on the Bill O’Reilly Show on Fox News, partnered with Man in the Mirror, Promise Keepers, and numerous other leading Christian ministries.
  • His seminars and training events have won consistent high praise
  • Click on any of the pictures below for more info.

bill-perkins.jpg  six-battles.jpg  when-good-men.jpg  awaken-the-leader.jpg

Bill has also been a catalyst in the men’s movement and has spearheaded a great website called Million Mighty Men. Click on the banner to visit the site.


He will be speaking at 10:00 am during the main service.  It should be a very challenging, very entertaining, very helpful time of worship for us all.  If you’re anywhere near Peoria, I hope you’ll drop in for a great service on March 2.  For directions to The Grove, click here.


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