American Idol – Top Ten Men



Well, tonight, we’ll see which guys have the heart for this.  We’re getting to that point where there are usually some choke-jobs in the vocals as guys just don’t quite have the fortitude to stand up to the pressure.  I won’t miss the guys that left last week, and there are still a few more I’m good with sending back home to mama.  The worst thing about tonight is I’m afraid at least one, if not more, of my “growing up” songs will be mutilated.  So here we go

Michael Johns– This dude has been one of my favorites ever since he totally rocked Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  But the Fleetwood Mac vibe ain’t cuttin’ it for him.  He just doesn’t seem to be the right front man to channel Stevie Nicks…plus he didn’t have black and veils on.  Didn’t dig it at all! 

Jason Castro– This dude really surprised me last week since he claims he has never really performed.  I have to take that as the truth, which is why I was so surprised with his performance last week.  He seems totally genuine.  I think that’s his biggest asset.  As for the song, I never really did get into the whole Bee Gee thing.  Never could quite understand it.  But even though this is a Bee Gee song, it didn’t sound “BeeGeeish”, which I like, because he didn’t try to be Barry Gibbs, just JC (dude, on this blog, that looked really ironic to put down his initials that way).  I do agree with Simon though, that with all the great music from the ’70s, it was not a killer song choice.

Luke Menard– Surprised that he is still here this week after a SUPER BORING performance last week.  This wasn’t as boring, but it equalled it in cheeziness.  I wish someone would pick a kickin’ song and nail it, because so far the songs are LAME-O.  This dude definitely doesn’t come with same panache as Queen.  Bad choice!  “Luke”-warm performance. 

Robbie Carrico – I think this guy has the chops and the identity to make it into the final 6.  He’s doing “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner.  Even though I think this guy can make the final 6-8, he wouldn’t even come close based on that song.  Foreigner could really kick that song, but this was a REALLY TAME version by comparison.  There are a lot of songs that I wish I could sing from those great bands of the ’70s, but I know I can’t sound like them.  Neither did he! 

Danny “Sanjaya Jr.” Noriega– DO NOT LIKE THIS GUY!  He’s one I would vote for to GO HOME!  You can’t be serious!  He’s singing Karen Carpenter.  Pleaaase, stop!  Totally NOT a dude song!  But even the guys that tried better songs earlier flopped.  I must be in a bad mood tonight.  Maybe Simon’s rubbing off on me.  Either that or I’m becoming British.  I mean, I expected one or two of my favs to get messed up, but not ALL of them. 

David Hernandez – I wouldn’t want to be a gymnast, but I would like to be that agile.  He’s picked “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” and he’s proving to be way more agile with it than any of the other guys so far tonight.  I disagreed with Simon when they put him through to the final 24.  Simon said he had a lot of work to do, but I’ve always felt like this guy had a real chance.  Best performance of the night by a LANDSLIDE

Jason Jeager– Best thing about this guy was him having his son with him during the tryouts.  Totally cool!  Didn’t think he would make it out of last week, but I’m anxious to see if he’s got staying power.  Great song.  The Doobie Brothers may have been THE BEST group in the ’70s and Long Train Running was one of their best.  But this rendition just isn’t holding up.  Just like Robbie Carrico earlier, he doesn’t have the GRIT for this song.  But then again, not many people can hold a candle to Michael McDonald and the Doobies. (started to say “hold a flame to the Doobies”, but that just doesn’t seem to be an appropriate image for this blog) 🙂 

Chikezie (Cheezit) – Totally dig the “meaning” of his name “something well created by God”.  That is totally cool.  But I’ll still call him Cheezit. (They’re well made by God too, courtesy of Kellogg).  Don’t know this song, but I AM DIGGING IT!  Giving Hernandez a run for best song of the night.  That was groovin’, EZ, and cool!

David Cook (the Word Nerd)– Biggest rocker song of the night with “All Right Now”.  I’m not sure if he’s got quite the right look, but he’s the only one with enough grit and edge in his voice to pull of these types of songs.  That was an ostentatious, prodigious, preternatural performance.  But then again, what do I know?

David Archuleta (The Speed Dial Kid)– Gotta actually give the kid some props for picking a Beatles song.  Big song with a big requirement to pull it off right.  But he’s totally doing it.  He may be the Speed Dial Kid for all the teeny-bopper girls who are swooning right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s singing the lights out of this song.  Good for him.  Definitely top three of tonight. 

Overall, a very SUBSTANDARD night and most of the songs are rolling over in their grave wishing they had been left alone and buried.  If you dig up an old classic, make it worth exhuming the bones.  Most of these fell way short of even good.  But there were three standout efforts tonight to help make it bearable. 

GOING HOME: I’m going to stick with my predictions from last week, Luke “Dawson’s Creek” Menard, and Jason “I don’t do Doobies” Jaeger

That’s it for me.  I’m out of pocket Wed and Thur so I will resume my EXPERT ANALYSIS next week. 


3 Responses

  1. Stevie Nicks doesn’t sing lead on “Go You Own Way”, just so you know. 🙂

  2. Stevie Nicks IS Fleetwood Mac….I don’t care what song it is. Just so you know 🙂 (Just don’t tell Lindsay I said so)

  3. I agree with your analysis of the evening. All in all, pretty disappointing. I hope the ladies can pick it up a little tomorrow. I like Luke Menard personally, but he’s from the next town over from where my mom lives. Besides the hometown connection, anyone who can tour with an a capella group has to be able to sing. This song just didn’t show that so much–there were too many words to actually hear his voice. I would be quite happy to see the Sanjaya wannabe leave, but I doubt that will happen for a while. There is always the one hanger-on that I just don’t understand! Should be an interesting elimination.

    Would you believe that at one time I actually had the Fleetwood Mac Rumors album… as in the vinyl!! (It may still be around somewhere, I don’t know for sure.) I just about wore through that puppy, too!

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