Google-sized B.I.G.

OK, we’ve been talking about going B.I.G. this year.  We want to put ourselves out there for the cause of Christ and see what he will do with it.  That’s part of the reason I started this blog.  I’ve been astonished to have over 2300 hits and reach 5 continents through this effort in six short weeks.  But, I’m even more amazed at a recent discovery.  I noticed in the “stats” section of the blog that someone found us on Google by searching for the term “Proud of my country”.  Well, I decided I would type that in and see how they found the blog.  Here’s what I found: 


I know it’s hard to read because I’ve had to smush it down so much.  But what you are looking at is the first page that came up after that search term was entered.  And the #1 item on the list was the entry on this blog.  It may not even be #1 by the time this gets posted, but at least it was for a short time. 

I don’t post this to pat myself on the back.  I couldn’t make that happen if I took all my money (both dollars) and paid Google.  This is the kind of thing we’ve been speaking about all year.  When we put ourselves out there for God’s purposes and for his glory, he can, and often will, do amazing things.  We have people that are dropping by this blog from all over the place and maybe, just maybe, they’ll come face to face with Jesus Christ and his power to change their lives. 

God is good…..and he is BIG! 


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