The Main Thing

I came across this really insightful post on Daryl Strickland’s blog and thought it would be really helpful:

You will face many obstacles to being all you can be in life things like; laziness, busyness, discouragment and probably one of the BIGGEST is DISTRACTION.

Your success in life, in ministry, in business hinges primarily on how focused you can be. It is so easy to get going and forget the main thing (the mission) and get way of track. The company’s, churches and people who can relentlessly keep the main thing the main thing, usually excel at their mission.

Some easy examples of getting distracted are: listening to critics, always defending yourself, and this one is a tough one but focusing on every need that comes up as opposed to focusing on the mission.


One thing that I heard this week remind of this. The statement was that vision comes from inside not outside. Meaning that you can’t allow all the passengers on the plane to decide where your going and how to fly the plane. You have to carry your church, your company, your family where they need to go, not where they want to go. You have to understand you vision/mission cleary and stay on track!

Why is this so hard?  Why is it that we are so easily distracted or influenced to move in different directions?  As Daryl posted, whether it’s a church, a business, or a family, it’s hard to get where you’re going without an unwavering focus. 

Is it just that whatever the application, we are more concerned with making people happy than in doing what’s best?  Am I the only one who struggles with distraction, or does anyone else fight with this as well?  I would love to hear some thoughts on this. 


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