We Win!


My oldest son, Zach, has played in a basketball league throughout the winter sponsored by the Christian Center in Peoria.  Those guys do a great service to the community by the way.  Anyway, their team has limped through the season going 3-7.  But in this league, everyone makes the tournament at the end of the season (kind of like the NBA). 

Although I am not the coach, I filled in for one of their three wins earlier and have been assisting since.  We pulled the team aside before the start of the game and talked about second chances.  This is one of those rare opportunities in life where everything that happened before doesn’t matter or count.  They came out absolutely on fire against a team that beat them by 20+ points a few weeks earlier.  This time it was all Blazers (our team) as they won it going away by 16 points. 

As cool as that is, it reminds me that when we come to Jesus Christ, no matter what our past or present looks like, he will wipe the slate clean if we ask him too.  Our past is irrelevant with him.  What matters is our future and where we are headed.  And with him as Lord and Savior, the future is much better than the past. 

As for the b-ball team, well….our future is still cloudy…but we are still playing….and I’ll take it! 


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