American Idol – The First Cut is the Deepest


Couldn’t be here last night to enjoy my regular dose of AI and make my observations of the mostly mediocre efforts of the gals.  But, I’ve got the time to watch tonight before I take my first-born son to play in the first round of his b-ball tournament.  So without further adieu, here we go.


As much as I enjoy AI, I absolutely HATE (hmmm, perhaps that’s too strong a word) DESPISE & ABHOR these swiss & muenster (read cheezy) moments.  Really would just as soon they banish them forever, but then who would come to the tour, since it’s just a conglomeration of all the cheez-whiz.  Still…as bad as these things are, this one was at least tolerable.  I actually did like the whole ’60s look, although I don’t think Simon knows a single song from the era that’s not British in origin.


Wow…I have never seen ’em show the door to the first one called up.  I think everyone was shocked because it broke a traditional pattern.  Plus, this was not one of my predicted dismissals which is an even bigger shock.  Bummer!  Not that he’s leaving….but that I missed it.  Here’s my original review for him…

Garrett Haley– Seacrest said that he looks like Leif Garrett (exactly what I was thinking…which kind of makes it weird).  Plus his name IS Garrett.  Don’t know anything about him yet.  Let’s see what he’s got.  Confession, I half-way liked Neil Sedaka when I was young, but that time has passed.  How does this kid even know a song by Neil Sedaka?  The fact that he knows one is probably enough to disqualify him from winning

Well, at least I got the last part right.  And, there’s more hair care products left for the ladies now. 

LADY UN-LUCK (Nobody wants to be #1 here)

I didn’t get to watch the show last night as it happened.  I have seen a few of the performances since, but I have no predictions from last night.  So I’m having to just fly by the seat-of-my-jogging pants on this one.  Will it be call ’em up and send ’em out like the guys?……NO!….It was a tease.  It was Amy bore-me-no-more Davis.  Hearing this song, it’s not hard to understand why she was one and done.  Although, I’m quite certain she will have no trouble actually finding where the boys are. 


OK, I’ll admit it.  I actually liked PA when she was in her heydey.  So, I have no axe to grind here.  Still, it’s amazing what you can do to voices with production.  It’s a sellable song.  It’s catchy, but I don’t thing PA is going to enjoy a second career as a singer.  I actually dug Randi thumpin’ on the bass in the video.  That was fun to see him doing his thing. 

LADY UN-LUCK (aka, being #2 is just as bad as being #1)

There is NO-WAY that the Rock-n-Roll Nurse is heading home.  She is too unique.  Plus, there’s no one else to channel Janis Joplin if she leaves.  So that means we’re going to be less one plus-sized model.  It’s an ugly version of modern math.  We’re also going to be less at least 4 boxes of Kleenex after her parting song. 


Cheez-It and Ellen Degeneres are eating and joking their way to the exit door.  Neither of these were in my predicted losers from Tuesday either.  Totally bummed about averaging 0%.  Colton is done, but I’m sure he’ll have a booking with Ellen next week.  Maybe they can swap a few good jokes and hair care tips.  Here’s my original review:

Colton Berry – Can’t pull for anyone who flaunts looking like Ellen Degeneres…..especially when it’s a DUDE! A little self-respect please.  And don’t disrespect the King…Elvis is throwing up on his blue-suede shoes.


That’s what’s left.  We are now off and officially running.  Let the tears and tissues flow, and the good times roll. 

And now, I’m off to coach and cheer my eldest to a stunning victory of his own.  Remember “Hoosiers”?  Wish us luck.


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