Proud of My Country for a Lifetime!

“What we have learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback. And let me tell you something — for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” – Michelle Obama

I love politics.  I have since I was a kid.  And it matters because policies shape so many aspects of our daily lives.  There were many times I thought I would eventually wind up in politics.  In fact, a Major I served under in the Army said he was sure one day he would hear about “Senator Doebler”.  Since I’ve been in ministry, God has redirected my passion.  The church is the ultimate hope of the world, not government.  And Jesus is the ultimate answer to all of life’s questions.  So, my political voice has been quieted. 

But today, the gloves come off.  I can not stand on the sideline and observe quietly and let the statement made by Michelle Obama go unaddressed and be at peace with myself. 


I am absolutely appalled that the wife of a candidate that has a serious chance to win the Presidency would make such an outrageous, ridiculous, and hideously wrong statement.  According to reports I read, she is 44 years old.  That would mean that her “adult life” has been lived out since the mid-1980s.  Which makes her my contemporary since I am now 46. 

What America has she been living in?  Because it certainly isn’t mine.  Oh…that’s right.  I only went to a regular state university.  She went to Harvard and Princeton.  Definitely not my America.  I struggled to support my young family when difficult economic conditions hit and joined the Army.  Oh…that’s right.  She worked for a prestigious law firm.  Definitely not my America. 

So how is it that in my America, a place where I once couldn’t get food stamps even though my family was living on MREs, I could still be proud!  How is it in my America, a place that I have had to work hard for every break I’ve ever gotten, I could still be proud!  How is it in my America, a place where I couldn’t even buy my first real home until I was 35 years old, I could still be proud! How is it my America, a place where Christianity is pushed further and further to the back of the bus, I could still be proud!

Maybe the better question is how is it in her America, a place where she went to the best universities in America and worked in the most prestigious professions while at the most prestigious firms, she has never found reason to be proud?

What is wrong with these people?  I grew up believing that America is a place where hard work is ultimately rewarded, where right is right and wrong is wrong.  I grew up believing that America is the greatest country in the world…it is the only place where people will risk life and limb on a regular basis to get here any way possible.  I grew up believing that even when there is much to be disappointed by, there is more to be thankful for.  I grew up believing that when I don’t agree, I have a freedom to disagree that is far more precious than most of us understand.  I grew up believing that America is the leader of the world and has been a shining light of liberty and freedom to everyone else who draws breath and yearns for those God-given rights. 

Where did they grow up? And by they, I mean more than Michelle Obama.  She simply said what many others haven’t.  Where did they learn that America is shameful and to be rebuked for spreading the ills of the world.  Where did they live?  Where did they discover that there is more to be ashamed of than thankful for?  Where did they get the impression that in spite of every opportunity, every freedom, every chance to live out a dream that is unavailable almost anywhere else in the world, that there is nothing to be proud of in America?

I don’t want those people running my country.  If there is nothing to have been proud of before now, then I don’t want those people leading me or my children into “their future”.  I’ll take my present over their future.  And I’ll take every difficult experience I’ve ever had and relive every one of them again before I vote for someone who can find nothing of value and nothing to be proud of in the last 25 years in the land I love and served.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, that really lit my fuse too. I agree with everything you said. I think alot of this attitude has be perpetuated through the Bush hate that has permeated our society since we went into Iraq….and since he is more or less our figurehead, they have placed that attitude on the country as a whole as well.
    I also really worry about this election because to be honest I don’t feel like Obama has really presented us with any tangible, real world application ideas anyway. I certainly hope that this country doesn’t elect him strictly on charisma because I fear we may be doomed if they do. And while I’m ranting a little I have to hit on something I read in a yahoo news article today too by Hilary….she was discussing why she was better than Obama as a leader after the elections and she made among other statements that she was the only one who could DEFEAT THE REPUBLICANS. Now she may have meant that as in the republican candidates for the election, but the way it was phrased it rang in my head as all republicans which felt to me like it epitomizes the whole problem we have in our government right now. Instead of our elected officals going in working together and voting what is best and right for our nation, they are instead voting along party lines and ignoring good legislation sent forth by both parties due to the party allegiance of who wrote it and who supports it. I find that kind of petty rivalry that gets in the way of the overall good of the country disgusting! I honestly don’t know what could be done to change it, but it’s so disheartening to see the greatness of our country and it’s needs overshadowed by the agenda of the individuals in power. Now don’t get me wrong….I think democracy is the best way for things to be, but I just wish there was a way to see beyond the empty promises to the real candidate and how honest he or she would be in promoting the best interests of our country instead of personal agenda.
    I could go on forever, and I’m quite off topic anyway, so I will leave it at this…but I do know one thing….more than anything else, this country, it’s direction, and the focus of this political race is in DESPERATE NEED OF PRAYER!

  2. Right on Mark!!! The words of Michelle Obama need serious prayer and consideration from each and everyone of us. I believe we have just seen the mask come off! We need to open our eyes and look behind the pretty faces of the Obama’s and discern their CHARACTER! If you are not proud of America until now that your husband is running for President, this is a MAJOR RED FLAG!!!! I want leaders who love this country and are proud of it too! 26 years (adult life) is a long time not to have one ounce of pride in the “Land Of The Free and The Home of the Brave” .. a country that comes to the aid of victims and the oppressed around the world with our money and people! Are we perfect?? Of course not, but there are MANY fine things that the USA does for others and their own. If you think that Michelle is not the one running for President but Barak, let me remind you .. women have GREAT influence over their men, just check out the Bible: Eve & Adam, Sarah & Abraham, Jezebel & Ahab, Delilah & Samson .. to name a few! The future of our country is in our hands, how we pray for our country & leaders and ultimately how we vote. Let’s do it wisely!

  3. I agree with what you said. We need to stand up and be proud of the best country in the world. Thank you for your comments.

  4. That article is frightening. A perfect example of taking scripture out of context and twisting it to mean whatever you want it to mean.

  5. Appalled?? Ridiculous? Hideously wrong?
    My guess about you: Bush-can-do-no-wrong, Republican-can-do-no-wrong, NOT BLACK, and anyone-who-thinks-different-from-me-is -wrong.

    As a wide-eyed white boy growing up in the 1960’s I remember seeing attack dogs being turned loose on equality marchers, a pipe bomb killing 4 girls in a black church, 3 Freedom riders bodies turning up in Mississippi. Postcards printed of lynched blacks, and used for ordinary mail in the South, POSTCARDS!!! A 14 year-old Northern kid dragged and lynched for ‘possibly whistling at a white women in the South.
    You may be red WHITE and blue about America, but every Black in this country knows that as little as 40 years ago he could have been killed for being “Too Uppity” If not being proud of America’s Black Experience up until now is considered ANTI-AMERICAN!!! Then I must be, too.
    PS I’m still voting for McCain this year, but I despise STUPID.

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