American Idol – Top 12 Guys

Alright…it’s guy’s night out!  That means that the top 12 dudes are going to be beltin’ it out tonight.  And it least this year, most of the guys actually DO look like dudes.  I wanted to stick a finger down my throat every time Sin-juju got up last year.  We’ve got a couple of wayward shots on the guy side, including an almost Sin-juju repeat/look-alike, but overall, I think this is a strong line-up of dudes.  We may even have another Daughtry in this group.  We’ll see. 

  1. David Hernandez – Crap…came out of the chute talking about crying.  Come on dude!  After…maybe.  But not before!  Oh well!  He was smokin until he went for the chick notes at the end.  He’s got a sellable voice though.
  2. Chikezie (aka Cheezit) – Looks like he’s trying out a Luther Van Dross vibe.  I don’t care for LVD, but chicks love that style.  They’ll probably go for Cheezit too…..BIG SURPISE:  Paula loves it.
  3. David Cook – Think this guy has got a real chance…but the whole Partridge Family/David Cassidy song didn’t get me off on a good foot with him.  Although it did remind me of Lori Partridge…and that’s a nice memory. 🙂 
  4. Jason Jeager – A dude that has his son with him is A-OK in my book.  Not digging Moon River though.  I mean, he’s singing fine, it’s just not a dude song.  Andy Williams was never my model of masculinity.  And Paula admitting she performed her first ballet recital to that song proves my point. 
  5. Robbie Carrico – So far, this guy reminds me a little of Bo Bice.  Great song choice for his style.  Totally made it sound real and now.  He’s in it.  Dig Three Dog Night stuff!
  6. David Archuleta – This guy will be on speed-dial for all the young girls.  I’m not even sure he owns a razor yet, but he will be a force because of the speed-dial element….which doesn’t hurt if you want to win AI. 
  7. Danny Noriega – My wife calls him this years “confused Sanjaya”.  I agree.  At least if he makes it (which is almost a given…[see speed dial element mentioned above]) he can sing better than Sin-juju.  At least Simon can shoot straight. 
  8. Luke Menard – Orlando Bloom look-alike, but can summarize this song in one word:  B.O.R.I.N.G.  Wake me up when it’s over please.  But hey…at least he’s got a cute wife, so he’s got that going for him. 
  9. Colton Berry – Can’t pull for anyone who flaunts looking like Ellen Degeneres…..especially when it’s a DUDE! A little self-respect please.  And don’t disrespect the King…Elvis is throwing up on his blue-suede shoes. 
  10. Garrett Haley – Seacrest said that he looks like Leif Garrett (exactly what I was thinking…which kind of makes it weird).  Plus his name IS Garrett.  Don’t know anything about him yet.  Let’s see what he’s got.  Confession, I half-way liked Neil Sedaka when I was young, but that time has passed.  How does this kid even know a song by Neil Sedaka?  The fact that he knows one is probably enough to disqualify him from winning. 
  11. Jason Castro – Another unknown since they gave him no airtime before now.  I don’t know how anyone can deal with dreads (not that that’s a potential issue for me).  For a kid that hasn’t done public performances before now, he’s a total natural. 
  12. Michael Johns – This guy totally rocked the house w/Bohemian Rhapsody last week.  Another really great song.  Not quite as solid as his take on Queen, but there is no doubt that this guy will be in it down to the wire.  He’s got a lot going for him.  Plus, who doesn’t like an Aussie accent?

OK…they’re in the book.  My predictions for who will go home:

  • Jason Jaeger & Luke Menard

Your thoughts & predictions now…….


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