From Korn to Christ

I may be slow, but I’m not stupid.  When two people I respect, both recommend the same book to me in short order, I take notice.  The most recent referral came from Brooke M. (thanks Brooke) who is absolutely committed to spreading the news of this book.  The book is called “Save Me From Myself“, by Brian Welch, former lead guitarist for the hard rock band Korn. 

In 2008, we’ve been stressing the need to seek out and find the “something more” that Jesus told us was available to us.  In an earlier post, I shared an interview with Tom Brady (click here) when he appeared on Sixty Minutes.  What was startling about the interview was his open admission that in spite of all his success, there must be something more. 

Brian Welch, in the midst of living the “big life”, was struggling with the same question.  But he has found the answers that Tom Brady is apparently still looking for.  Watch this inspiring, convicting piece of video.  Then call a friend and send them this way too. 


3 Responses

  1. This is an awesome book, I was skipping meals in order to read it! And Monday night I cried myself to sleep, because the life I was reading about was so destructive. I finished it in a day in a half and I still can’t get it out of my mind, I feel it’s a must read! He is very explicit, so you have been warned…

  2. P.S. I made the blog post!!!!! Cool:)

  3. This is a very good read. Brian is blessed and you are told that as you read. Like Brooke said, it is explicit….but well worth the read. You can not be offended by his honesty when he shares where he has come from and and then shares who he is today. It reminded me to thank God for all who have been “lights” in my world and how important it is to be one….and that you may never know the difference YOU can make to someone.

    Serving Him~ Michelle

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