American Idol – Final 24

Final 24 thoughts: 

  • Carly Smithson – With an Irish accent, she will probably be a serious contender
  • Amanda Overmeyer – The rock-n-roll nurse has made it.  Her voice is reminiscent of Janis Joplin and is a style that hasn’t been heard in years.  The only question for her be will attempting other styles of music her voice is not suited for.
  • David Archuleta– Only sixteen and will probably be the next teen-age hearth-throb on this show.  Every year has to have one.
  • Christy Lee Cook – One of my favorites from the first show, but I’m not sure how versatile she is.
  • Brooke White  – This young woman seems to have real character and I hope she does well.
  • Danny Noriega– Did we really need to put another Sanjaya in the mix?
  • Ramiele Malubay – Gallon size sound out of a pint size girl.  Where does it come from?
  • Michael Johns – Guys got pipes and has a real shot
  • Syesha Mercado – Reminds me of a former contestant from season 1, Christina Christian.  She has a lot of appeal.  Don’t know if she’s got the vocals, but she would make a good pop star. 
  • Robbie Carrico – Rocker dude, decent voice, this seasons’ answer to Chris Daughtry, (who put out a really good CD BTW)
  • Asia’h Epperson – Lot’s of potential.  I give her lots of credit for doing as well as she has having just lost her dad.
  • David Hernandez – Sang “Love the One You’re With”, I think this guy has a really good voice, but I’m in disagreement with Simon who thinks he has a lot of work to do. 

Most of the rest, I didn’t really hear them, or I didn’t like them.  So, there may be a few of the remaining contestants that I’ll wind up liking, but these are early favorites, or at least contestants that I think have a good chance, whether I like them or not. 


2 Responses

  1. I am totally pulling for the rock-n-roll nurse! She’s from the town where I was born!!!

  2. Wow Tammy! First Jeremy Camp and now the “Rock-n-roll nurse”. Time for you to call in some favors!

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