Greatness Going Down

At The Grove, we have begun 2008 with a challenge and a commitment to discover and live out the “something more” that so many of us sense we are missing, but know is out there.  We brought the series to a conclusion last Sunday as we discussed putting it into action.  Today, I want to share some additional thoughts along this line.

I would encourage you to click on this link,  Philippians 2:5-7, and read the paraphrased version of this passage from The Message.  It will help you understand the true humility of Jesus Christ as he was about his mission of redeeming mankind. 

This passage gives us a role model for how we ultimately achieve and live out the “something more” we are pursuing.  True greatness is not a measure of self-will or self-achievement but rather self-abandonment.  The more you are willing to give up the more you gain in Christ.  In the end, I guess this is why so many of us fail to realize the kind of life that Jesus said could be ours in John 10:10.  We fail to get there because we are not willing to “go down” in order to “go up”. 


In John 13, Jesus washed the disciples feet.  But it wasn’t so much about washing feet as it was about love, humility, and service.  If you don’t know much about the custom at the time, that duty was usually reserved for one of the lowest servants in the household.  Certainly, the master of the house never stooped this low.  And most definitely, not the Master of the Universe.  But Jesus did.  Jesus showed us that the path to greatness, the path to “something more” doesn’t look a whole lot like most of us have envisioned. 

The path to true greatness goes through:

  • Unconditional love
    • Should we do any less than Jesus example
  • Unapolagetic humility
    • Not just about taking the low road.  You can take the low road and still not be humble.  True humility is demonstrated by putting others first
  • Uncompromising servanthood
    • When we begin to practice servanthood, we live the way of the cross.  Servanthood is about position that is worked out after love and humility are worked in.  it is how we live out “something more”
    • When we live these principles out, one day we will stand before God and it will be God who says you are great.  And that will be far more satisfying than any accolades you receive now. 

I will have a few additional thought throughout this week on this final idea of pursuing “something more”. 


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the post. Christians often underestimate how important service and humility is in doing God’s work. The scripture you challenged us to read lets us see how much our Savior was willing to give up for our sake. It’s really something to think about.


  2. We won’t ever find that life in Christ until be we humle ourselves – thank you for such a wonderful post!


  3. Thanks for checking out “Patriots and Perfection.” I appreciate your feedback. That means a lot coming from a “coach.” 🙂 Feel free to “borrow” anything that you need to further your work. I checked out The Grove’s website. Very cool. I will stay tuned and in touch.


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