Going B.I.G. with a G.I.G.

 A fellow (but not previously known) blogger in the blog-world dropped by my blog this morning and left a comment on this morning’s post.  As most people would, I decided to pay a complementary visit to his blog.  I’m really pleased that I did.  What I found was someone with very thoughtful insights and a gifted way of expressing themselves through writing. 



Our first message of this year was to Go B.I.G…to do something so significant that you have to B.ring I.n G.od.  Well, I have found a perfect companion to that thought over on P.R.U.N.I.N.G. (his blog name).  Do yourself a favor and check this out:

In my last Sunday School class of 2007, I challenged the students to establish GIGs for 2008– God-Inspired Goals. These GIGs take the “wish list” out of New Year’s resolutions and replace it with divine direction. God is concerned with every aspect of our lives and will gladly focus us for the new year. But what do we do after we’ve established our 2008 GIGs?
We do our RESEARCH. When God leads us, my pastor recently said, “Don’t question if you can do it–question how you can do it.” So as a “professional student” (as some affectionately call me) and former researcher at consulting companies like the Gallup Organization and Hay Group, I decided to put together a post on conducting “New Year’s Research” for your ministry and personal life.

read the rest here ….

We’re 1/12 of the way through 2008 already.  Don’t wait any longer.  If you haven’t started identifying what or how to go B.I.G.,  use a G.I.G. to help. 


2 Responses

  1. Hey Mark,
    Great looking Blog!!


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for linking to me.

    You’ve got a cool little web space here!

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