Super Ads


In my previous post about the Super Bowl, I touched on the game and lessons learned (I am after a all a football nut and a spiritual leader).  However, I still love to watch the commercials during the game.  USA Today came out with their annual listing of the top commercials from the game this morning.  I think they gather viewers together and they score the commercials and then they average them all out to come up with the list.  Here’s my list:

  • Favorite(came in 3rd on the USA list) – The Bridgestone ad where the squirrel ran out into the road and screamed when it was about to get hit by a car.  I thought it was a hoot
  • Weirdest (24th USA list) – AMP Drink commercial where the tow truck driver stuck the jumper cables on himself.  Very strange
  • Loudest Response by viewers in our house(9th USA) – Unibrow woman using peanuts as perfume
  • What the heck was that? (38th USA) – Career Builder’s commercial where a woman’s heart jumps out of her chest
  • Worst(bottom 5 USA) – tie; Audi ad of guy waking up in bed with a car grill under the sheets…I know it was a take-off of the Godfather, but it still made no sense to me; GMC Yukon, total waste of ad money
  • Movie I’m most anxious to see (based on SB commercials) – tie between “Wall-E” and “Leathernecks”

To view the whole list, click here.  After you’ve reviewed it, add your own list in the comments below. 


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