Late Saturday Night


It is late Saturday night (12:45 am Sunday morning) and I am exhausted.  But it’s the kind that’s a good exhausted…the kind where you know your day has been well spent.  We had over 20 people show up at the church today for a work-party.  Somehow, most people never see those as being as fun as other types of parties, but I find them to usually be far more satisfying.  There’s an old adage that says a job well done is its’ own reward.  We had people today pouring their heart, their labor and their time into the work of the Lord.  And it was good.  I’ll have pictures to post later, but my heart is full because of their great effort.  

It’s late, there’s still a few more things to do, but I can’t wait for the service to begin.   


One Response

  1. You are crazy to be up that late when you have such a busy morning ahead of you. I require too much sleep:) It was a great work day though, and it is very rewarding to work on OUR building!

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