American Idol – Omaha

I’ve decided that since I enjoy AI so much, I’ll make this a weekly installment.  I’ve just watched a guy named Chris make an absolute fool of himself for a shot at getting to Hollywood.  The guy had absolutely no talent whatsoever, but he completely put himself out there hoping for something good.  Amazingly, even though he couldn’t sing his way out of a wet paper bag, he’s set to come to Hollywood for the finals to report for the Fox affiliate in Omaha. 

In the regular world, we’d say nothing ventured, nothing gained.  In the spiritual world, Jesus said “You have not because you ask not”.  Chris’s story is a great example of just being willing to put yourself out there.  What would you love to experience but you’ve been afraid to try? 

Trust me…if Chris can do what he did in front of all of America…you should be able to pull off whatever it is that you’re still waiting to do. 

On another note, i didn’t catch her name, but there was a young gal that sang a Norah Jones song and was really good.  I love Norah Jones.  What an awesome jazz singer.  If you want something really smooth to put into your CD player (or your IPOD), you should immediately click on the above link and place your order. 

Who have you seen an AI so far that you really like?  Have you been reminded of any of your favorite music that you now want to go dig back out? 


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  1. I watched this with a sick boy on my lap last night, so I was a bit distracted. I did see Chris, and I thought that was really great. As tough as the judges can be on some people, they do respect earnestness. I’ve seen a couple people come through that were very talented, but its too soon for me to pick favorites.

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