What a Great Day

As I reflect on today’s service (which I always do), I must say that I believe today was a great day.  Sure, we had our share of gaffes, (having a guitar string break in the middle of a rockin’ worship set is a real bummer), but a great service isn’t really about everything being perfect.  In fact, that’s way down at the bottom of the final evaluation.  It’s about the spirit of the service.  Did the Spirit of God have freedom?  Was it evident?  Was the presence of God powerful?  Were people interacting with each other?  Was there joy?  Did people feel welcome?  Was there a sense of community? 

 When the answer to those questions is yes, then that is the basis for a great service.  And I believe we had a great one today.  There was a genuineness of spirit today.  There was a sense that God wants to do something great, and that we can be a part of that…and that God desires that for us.  There was a sense that things not only can be different in 2008, they WILL be different in 2008. 

What does that mean?  It means that God calls everyone to experience life to the full (John 10:10), but most of us are still waiting.  And we’ve learned as one year rolls into the next that nothing much changes. 


God is preparing us…he is preparing our church for stepping out into new territory.  He is calling us to experience the something more we all desire.  But it will involve risk…

Many of you know that I’m a huge fan of Successories, a company that designs and distributes beautiful motivational posters and supplies.  Almost all of their prints are great, but there is one that I am particularly fond of…it’s called RISK


Last year, Tim Mylott gave me a desk-size copy of this print.  The text reads:

“A ship in the harbor is safe…but that’s not what ships were made for.”

What a simple but profound way of saying that to experience something more, we have to fulfill our design…which is moving beyond safety and comfort and moving out into the open sea…into the unknown.  That’s where God reveals himself to us.  That’s where we discover who we really are…and what we were made for. 

And that’s what God is calling our church too.  Can you sense it?  Are you ready for the ride?  Are you ready to be amazed by God?  I am…and I know it’s coming. 

Even if you’re not a part of The Grove, God is challenging you with the same call…step out…let go…take a risk…and experience something more with God. 


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