American Idol – My Mindless Pleasure

So here I am, sitting here and enjoying my annual dose of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I know that there are lots of people who are now completely changing their opinions of me, but I’m OK with that (not really…please don’t stop liking me!)  Anyway, I find myself each year looking forward to the goofiness as well as the talent.  There are a couple of things that always surprise me.  I’m constantly amazed by the people who genuinely think they have talent and have none (actually, I think some have less than none).  And it blows my mind when these people who truly are talentless can get angry when confronted with the truth from three people who have spent careers in the music industry.  WOW!  What is that all about?  The other thing that always surprises me is how excited I can get for the successes of people I don’t even know.  For some reason I always get pumped up every time someone gets a “golden ticket” to Hollywood. 

So far, from what I’ve seen this season, it looks like the gals have a big lead on the guys.  But then again, they don’t show everyone in the early stages, so time will tell. 

Any other fans out there?  Any one willing to admit it?  What is it about American Idol that makes it easily the number one show on TV?   Why do 30 million people watch along with me each week?  Are there any lessons for the church?  Let me hear from you….at least those of you who are willing to confess!


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